What Is Shamballa?

Shamballa has been a focus of teaching and revelation in all the great traditions of the Himalayas. Within the Trans-Himalayan tradition it is understood that the focus and source of these teachings is one: the divine centre of Infinite Space and non-dual awake Life-force that is the planetary crown chakra. The purpose of these teachings across traditions is also one: the fierce release of the soul from every trace of limitation in the expression of its always-already perfection.

In the Tantric scriptures of Tibetan or Vajrayana Buddhism, Shamballa (spelt and known variously as Shamballa, Shambhala, Jambhala and Shangri-Lha) is discussed as a pure land existing in energy above the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, where buddhas of supreme levels of planetary and cosmic realisation dwell in their subtle bodies. It is where Gautama Buddha is understood to have taught the Kalachakra Tantra, one of the unsurpassed Tantras that deals with the cosmic ecology within which we find our place, and the revelation of our primordial Buddha-nature throughout. In Hindu scripture, Shamballa is the location in which it is understood that Kalki, the 10th Avatar of Vishnu, will be born. In the Tibetan Bon tradition, its founding Buddha, Tonpa Shenrab, who transmitted the sutra, tantra and Dzogchen teachings of Bon, is understood to have been born and come forth from Olmo Lung Ring, which is identified by the Bonpos as one with Shamballa. And for the Tibetan mahasiddha, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, the Shamballa teachings inspired his vision of an enlightened society rooted in the dignity and wisdom of basic human goodness.

This reflects the teachings on Shamballa given out by those Masters associated with the Trans-Himalayan tradition through such workers as Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Helena Roerich, Lucille Cedercrans, and recently through Bruce Lyon.

In these teachings, Shamballa could be understood to have an outer, inner and occult significance.

The outer significance relates to Shamballa as the planetary crown chakra on the inner planes where the cosmic Destiny of the Earth, and the divine Life-force and Will that drive all awakening and evolution on the planet, are held in reservoir by buddhas of profound realisation. Within this spiritual ecology, the Trans-Himalayan teachings understand the planetary throat chakra to be embodied by humanity, and the planetary heart chakra by the great community of liberated Bodhisattvas and Masters/spirit elders who achieved liberation in ages past, and who remain within the planetary sphere to serve the revelation of that cosmic Destiny on Earth.

According to its inner significance, Shamballa is the monad, or nucleus of indestructible essence, which is our non-dual root. It is the seminal point of pure being and radical wakefulness that transcends, includes and penetrates the soul and personality aspects, and is anchored in the heart.

The occult significance of Shamballa is the One Absolute Life that is the nondual Great Perfection of the ALL. In this definition, the outer and inner meanings find their synthesis.

At this present time of human evolution, there is an activation of the Earth’s chakras occurring, with the divine Will and cosmic Destiny of the Earth held in Shamballa, the planetary crown chakra, being released into humanity, the creative planetary throat chakra, for the first time. This is known as the Shamballa-Force, and the cyclic points of release for this energy, which occur every 25 years, are known as the Shamballa Impacts. It is only since the commencement of these Shamballa Impacts that the current of electric fire that flows from this centre of planetary power has begun to impact the Earth as a whole. This is resulting in non-dual awakening and identification with the Will and Destiny of the Earth in cosmos sweeping increasingly through humanity collectively, as well as an increase in earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions as the inner fires of the Earth, planetary kundalini, are increasingly stimulated.

The Shamballa Path is one that is unique. It is a path of fire, of razor sharp sincerity, of fearlessness, heart, daring, surrender, and dynamic wakefulness. It belongs to no tradition and every tradition. It belongs fully to the human heart and Earth. It is one that calls us to remember that the essential nature of our being is always-already the Awake Life-Force of Reality itself. As we reawaken as such, the lightning strike of identification radically breaks forth, the illusion of separateness is released, and Reality is realised as One.