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Occult Cosmology (2010) - Bruce Lyon

There are many souls in incarnation now who carry what  might be called the seeds of darkness—a higher ‘nondual’ or divine darkness that is in reality a blinding light. These souls are the disciples and initiates who are able to esoterically ‘see in the dark light’. That seeing will enable them to stand firm and secure through the period of testing ahead. Indeed this is how the power structures and resources of the world will shift from the planetary personality to the planetary soul. In times of deep crisis the personality is unable to offer solutions—it is blinded and revealed for what it essentially is—a very clever survival system. Those who are soul-infused will be able to stand and withstand the blast of spirit as forerunners of the Externalisation process and heralds of the new civilisation. Indeed for them it will also be a time of great joy, as they will witness the things they have stood and fought for over many years finally able to break through the cracks in the old and crumbling world order. Esoterically they can anchor themselves in the future, in the time window of 2025 where the light of victory is breaking even now. There the hour is always now. These teachings are designed to provide an energetic antahkarana to that future ever-present light.


Working with the will (2007) - bruce lyon

‘Working With The Will’ is an emergent spiritual science, empowering the externalisation of consciousness and the fusion of soul and personality through identification with the monad. The process of planetary awakening has progressed to the point where the consciousness or soul principle is well established and gradually becoming exoteric. The principles and practices that are needed to generate a healthy, enlightened and sustainable global society are increasingly well known and recognised across a wide range of cultures. This spread is the fruit of seeds once planted in small pockets or nurseries of consciousness that might be called the ‘mystery schools’. The work of the modern mystery school is to germinate seeds of Will or Purpose through the revelation of the core energy or life force that lies not only at the core of our planetary life expression but that is not separate from the One Life of the universe. The generation of a reservoir of Will within the consciousness of advanced humanity provides the dynamic evolutionary charge required for the full emergence and demonstration of the planetary soul upon the physical plane.


Group Initiation (2005) - Bruce Lyon

This writing was received telepathically as part of a broader series of transmissions presumed to be from the ashram of the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, and released under the pseudonym ‘Mercury’. These messages are essentially instructions to the core group of Shamballa School received during the years 2001 to 2005 as the group was attempting to ground a school at Highden Manor in New Zealand and then learning to create and hold a field for the cyclic transmission of spiritual energies. They are being released in their original form as  they contain information which may be valuable to other groups engaged in the experiment of group initiation in the Aquarian Age.


mercury (2004) - Bruce Lyon

This book contains writings that have been received through a telepathic impression process by Bruce Lyon between 2001 and 2003. They are believed to be from the ashram of the Master DK and they are presented as such, although they must naturally stand on their own merits and any value will be tested in their practical application in the lives of disciples and groups over time. The second section outlines the process by which these writings were received, some thoughts on inspired writings, and some background information in case it is of assistance to others involved in similar processes of impression.


agni: way of fire (2004) - Bruce Lyon

Agni is the Lord of Fire. Agni Yoga is the yoga of synthesis. The basic premise of Agni Yoga is this: There are no external circumstances which can defeat the human spirit. This book is targeted towards those who have some familiarity with the Trans-Himalayan teachings. But the key lies in their practical application. This is the way we fuel the fire. The book has three sections: Meditation, Study and Service. The first section describes the progression of meditative work starting with that spark of inspiration when we first make soul contact, through to full soul identification when the initiate become an instrument of the higher Will. This section contains specific meditative exercises, alignments, mantrams, prayers and formulas to be used in the everyday practice of Agni Yoga. The Study section contains a description of the cosmic planes and subplanes, including the intricate interrelationships of the rays that create the energetic fabric of our solar system. A theory of astrological rulerships is also incorporated. If you are curious about the mysteries of colour and number, the question of good and evil, the purpose of the sacrifice of the solar angels or the mysteries of the Creative Hierarchies, this chapter is well worth a read. The leap of the Agni yogi is first a leap in consciousness. Agni Yoga is the yoga of the soul. But the fire of divine Will must be brought through Love into action. The Service section outlines the four stages for bringing Will into expression right now in our everyday lives.


Raiding the inarticulate: essays - bruce lyon

A booklet containing eleven essays on the following themes:

• The Secret of Sacrifice
• Integral Vision
• The Prime Directive and World Government
• Healing through Time
• World Hunger
• Suicide in Paradise
• The Path of Daring
• The Uranus Assertion
• Shamballa
• Soul Sex
• Raid on the Inarticulate


journey to shamballa land - bruce lyon

This is the story of a journey to Shamballa Land in the Gobi desert of Mongolia undertaken by Bruce and Sharon Lyon in August 2007. Sacred pilgrimage is a simultaneous journey through both the inner and the outer world in the attempt to reveal that which lies behind and is the source of both landscapes. At times the outer journey opens, through resonance, unexplored inner territories. At times the inner journey ensouls and gives meaning to the outer terrain. But always through both, the ear of the heart is being tuned to respond to the voice of the silence; to the presence of emptiness; to the one non-dual reality; to the sound of Shamballa.

Earth is Eden cover.jpg

Earth is eden: An integral exploration of the trans-himalayan teachings (2016) - jon darrall-rew and dustin diperna

Earth is Eden uses the meta-framework of Ken Wilber's Integral Theory to explore the Trans-Himalayan teachings.

Integral Theory has been applied to a number of disciplines in order to bring a higher level of order and integration. The Trans-Himalayan teachings were initiated with the work of Helena Blavatsky and the Theosophical movement, and then extended by such individuals as Alice Bailey, Helena Roerich, Lucille Cedercrans and more recently, Bruce Lyon.

In this book, Jonathan Darrall-Rew, a long-term student of the Trans-Himalayan teachings, and Dustin DiPerna, an expert in the field of integral religion and spirituality, dance and weave their insights to offer a cutting edge take on spiritual evolution and awakening. In the global field, the Trans-Himalayan teachings are unique in their presentation of a truly kosmocentric spirituality. They outline an advanced map of spiritual awakening to ultimate reality and evolutionary development into ever-deeper spheres of mastery, service, relationship, and spiritual transmission within the multidimensional kosmos. Profoundly, these teachings don't simply focus on the path of the individual, or even humanity as a whole, but rather situate our collective unfolding within a much vaster process in which the Earth itself is understood to have a unique and sacred destiny in the cosmos.

Earth is Eden is the 3rd Volume in the series of Integral Religion and Spirituality. This series uses the Integral framework as a lens through which the teachings of the world's wisdom traditions can be illuminated and integrated. It is the intention of the series to optimize the gifts of each lineage while simultaneously filling out their respective blind spots so that the great treasury of human wisdom might one day sing in trans-lineage harmony.