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shamballa school facebook community

Though the Shamballa School Facebook community you can access:

  • Weekly Shamballa School online transmissions and meditations (every Sunday)

  • A monthly online full moon transmission and meditation

  • Weekly community inquiries and posts exploring different aspects of working with the Life principle

Click here to connect to the Shamballa School Facebook group. 


shamballa school galaxy

Shamballa School Galaxy is an online subsciption-based platform where members can go deeper with their awakening to the Life principle. Galaxy serves as a field for:

  • Training: Galaxy is where people who want to take their living of the Life principle to greater and greater voltages come to learn, train and be in the fire of what it means to open to Life with each other. 

  • Resources: Galaxy serves as a portal for resources and content that can support us on our Life path (interviews with people living the Life-Force, about the coming Mystery Schools that will be focussed on the Life, etc.). This includes exclusive content, teachings and conversations about Shamballa energy (such as a monthly transmission from Bruce Lyon), what it means to awaken as the Life-force of Spirit, esoteric cosmology, and the activation of the global mystery schools and temples you can’t currently find anywhere else. Galaxy also allows us to set up groups where people can explore particular aspects of the work, such as the integration of the Life principle and money, or Life and cosmology, the Life and sexuality, and the global mystery schools and their re-emergence.

  • Community: Galaxy serves as a space where people can connect with others who also want to go deeper in coming ALIVE. Members have the option to be assigned to a triad to meet with with once a week to support each other in going deeper into Life, and we will have a call with the whole community on the site once a month to explore and support each other’s awakening to the Life-force

  • Action: Galaxy serves as a catalytic space for people to take on and share about projects and initiatives to land the Life principle in their daily lives, communities, homes and places they live. 

Members of Shamballa School Galaxy also receive discounts for Shamballa School events, online courses and retreats.


Highden Temple - 7th Ray Mystery School

Highden is a modern temple and mystery school where ecstatic union with our inherent divinity is embodied and taught. It is a growing sacred community where a culture based on love, freedom and life force is practised. It is a unique venue in Aotearoa, New Zealand. We hold regular ceremonies, host weddings, and provide accommodation for those wanting a sanctuary for body and soul.