For those daring souls for whom love and light are not enough....

For those courageous souls called to dive heart-first into their own supernova....

For those wild souls whose deepest longing is to offer themselves up on the sacrificial altar of the One to be penetrated and opened by its Power and Presence...

The dark light of pure Spirit.


Shamballa School was founded by Bruce Lyon in 2000 as a residential esoteric school at Highden Manor in New Zealand. That phase of the work ran until 2004, after which Shamballa School transitioned to become an international spiritual community.

Shamballa School is dedicated to Spirit. Spirit is the Life principle at the core of every being, in their heart, body and soul. It is the eternal roar of the One that is the essence of both consciousness and matter. It is the primordial darkness that is the root of all light.

Other names for this Life principle are the Shamballa-Force, the void, the monad, the dark light, the life-force, electric fire, or causal spirit. To symbolise this energy, we use the supermassive black hole at the core of our galaxy or the field of dark matter that holds it all in coherence. Other symbols are lightning, the eruption of a volcano or an electric current.

Shamballa School is a field of training where we learn to access this energy to empower our awakening and emergence as souls – as the love we truly are – into the world. The Life principle is divine power, purpose and will, and accessing it brings a lightning strike of self-realisation as the One. As this energy descends through our souls, rises from our bodies, and thunders through our hearts, these currents act like a defibrillator that progressively ignites the soul into supernova. This allows it to shine its light and service to completion, and die, leaving an empty space at the core of the being through which the One can express.

The core focus of Shamballa School is bringing together beings that want to go deeper in working with the Life principle. As such, Shamballa School is not primarily focussed on expanding people’s consciousness or developing their embodiment, though these of course have their place. The work of raising consciousness on the planet has been going on for decades, and embodiment has increasingly become a focus over the last 50 years. The Life principle is something else – a distinct reality as different to consciousness and matter as they are to each other.

Within the individual, the Life principle is the indestructible essence of every being. For the planet, Shamballa is the name given to the planetary crown chakra, where the reservoir of Life that contains the cosmic purpose of the Earth and that drives the evolution of all consciousness and matter, is held.

On the global scene, Shamballa School holds a dual citizenship.

One side of this citizenship is found in it being a third phase expression of the Trans-Himalayan teachings (for an introduction to these teachings, click here), tracing it’s lineage back through the pioneering work of such individuals as Bruce Lyon, Alice A. Bailey, Helena Roerich, Lucille Cedercrans, Rudolf Steiner, Francia Le Due, and Helena Blavatsky. In this aspect, it is part of a continually unfolding transmission of planetary Purpose from Shamballa through Hierarchy, the community of liberated bodhisattvas and masters on the inner planes who collectively embody the planetary heart chakra, to Humanity.

The second side is anchored in the emerging universal spirituality, and in recognition that there is really only one tradition that is our cosmic awakening, one tribe of all humanity, and one eternal fire that is Life.