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A meditation given by the Master DK in Occult Cosmology focussing on accessing deeper and deeper layers of the heart, from the personal layer to soul to spirit to the Absolute, and back again. 

Centre in the Heart. Do not attempt to raise your consciousness or change your ordinary resting state of awareness in any way. Simply focus on the breath and rest in the heart. This meditation does not so much employ the consciousness or the imagination. It is a sensing process using the sentiency of the heart to feel into what actually is present.

Identify with your personal heart and feel the connections you have to the world—to specific people and places and activities. Feel your personal love and heart-desire. Feel the way your heart goes out to family, friends and lovers. Also sense the way those you may have a special responsibility for—such as children, animals etc—rest in your heart.

Allow yourself to go deeper and identify with the Christ or soul principle of transpersonal Love. Identify with and as the source of that love which you may have had awakened by an inner or outer teacher. Feel that love opening and radiating outwards to all beings and forms including those lives which make up your own nature and those others with whom you have a specific soul connection. As you allow yourself to move deeper into the heart notice how the sphere expands to include the causal body and also down through the base chakra into the earth. Notice your willingness to have others enter your heart and for the love that is moving through you to become present in the heart of all others.

Now deepen again to the level of the monad and feel into the love of the spirit aspect. This is a deeply sacrificial love that expresses itself in the will to endure for the sake of the liberation of others. This love rests on the foundation of the fire of being and the inherent identification with the principle of freedom. Identifying with this love, sense how the sphere of the heart opens to include the core of the Earth, the heart of the sun and the galactic centre. Notice how naturally kundalini flows when it is not being repressed. Taste the experience of holding the space for the evolution of a planet with all its kingdoms and life forms. Sense the earth in your heart and your heart in the earth. Notice your deep longing for the freedom you experience to be experienced by all beings in your sphere of influence. Taste the experience of being in the centre of a galaxy holding the space for the evolution of consciousness in billions of systems.

Now deepen again to the level of the universal Self. Surrender into being one with the heart that contains the universe within it. This love rests as pure presence and peace accepting and blessing the perfection of everything that arises. Notice how this love effortlessly contains the other levels of self and the other expressions of loving. Within the one great heart of perfection arises centres of pure being and spiritual virility like galaxies which contain countless systems where consciousness is evolving and liberating itself.

Maintaining your identification with the one great heart re-enter the sphere of your spiritual responsibility and then the sphere of transpersonal loving and then the personal sphere of your heart. In this way the saving force you essentially are brings all levels into integration and synthesis. The Avatar of the Presence of Divinity arrives in the midst of your personal sphere, reaches out and strokes the tabby on your knee.