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Take a posture you can be present, energetically open and available to yourself as you do this practice

Begin by acknowledging that at your core, there is a current of electric Life force that is the ecstatic power, love and creativity of the One

Acknowledge that this is the root of what it means to be ALIVE - connect to your body, your awareness and begin to sense into your own ALIVENESS

Feel into your body - feel down into your sacral centre and your root chakra, and sense how this Life force is the aliveness of your sexuality, your urge to merge with another human being, and it is the power that can give your body incredible strength in times of crisis to do what is needed to protect life 

Now bring your awareness up through your crown chakra, and connect upwardly as best you can through it to your soul

Feel into the Life at the core of the soul that is the aliveness that drives your impulse to grow, to evolve, and develop yourself. This Life is the source of your soul’s will-to-love – the power of the soul to persist as love eternally

Now bring yourself back to basic presence – just be…

Feel into your commitment to Life – feel your will to fully LIVE rather than to waste your life in unconsciousness, un-aliveness and sleep

Even though your mind may not understand it, feel into the truth that there is something deep within you that yearns to come ALIVE

Feel how there is something in you that is ready for so much more than the conventional life so much of humanity lives - feel your demand for more Life

Connect to the awareness that the electric current of radical Life force – the root of the Life at the core of both soul and body – comes online fully when we are willing to offer our self up as a sacrifice

Feel how the dark light of Life comes online when we are willing to give everything – as the mystic saying goes, “To those who give all, All is given”

Feel into your willingness to offer your self – your identity – up to be penetrated, pierced and opened by the Power, Will and Purpose of the One

Contemplate how this symbolic death is the doorway to the pure exhilaration of Life

Be radically present to your own truth in where you are with this, whatever that might be

Know also that Life comes online as we are willing to live at our edge

Your edge is nowhere else but here, and right now, if you choose to step into it – find the place in you that is honestly a deep, full, YES to being ravished by Life

Be present to the reality that the Life force may bring new beginnings, empowerment, awakening, activation and it may also bring death, endings and unresolved karma to be moved through so you can be free

Connect to your purity of motive in calling in Life, and your trust that whether it brings new beginnings or endings, it will bring what is right

Then find again, if it is true for you, your YES to be ravished by the Life force of the One

Rest here in full surrender to Life. Just be, in the truth of your surrender

As you rest here, release all other attachments. Let there be just this willingness to be electrified, penetrated and opened by the Life force

As you rest here, let everything else go and just be this embodiment of surrender and sacrifice to the Life force

And be clear that you totally refuse to move until Life comes - like the Lion of God, hungry for its prey having picked its scent

Rest in the clarity that you refuse anything less than Life. Mean it

To rest in this clarity is an act of Will. Razor sharp Will. In sharpness of this clarity, let your being be a living ‘come and get me’ to the Life force

Connect once again to the awareness that for the Life force to come, it only requires one thing – everything – your willingness to give everything and be penetrated by the radical electric current of the All

As you rest in this, there may start to be flashes of the Life principle, like lightning through your being – just keep resting, simply being, as a sacrifice to Life

As these flashes of Life come online, they may become stronger and more frequent, and at a certain point, your identity may be consumed into the dark light, like light into a black hole

At this point there may be an innate pulse of realisation, without there being a self to have it, as the dark light of cosmic Life Force, roaring through the heart of the earth, the sun and the galaxy.

Just keep resting in the truth of your surrender and sacrifice to Life