Earth cosmic awakening.jpg

A meditation given by the Master DK focussing on connecting to and synthesising the life-force of the earth, the sun and the galactic centre. 

Sit or stand preferably barefoot on the earth and centre in the heart and in the causal field.

Become aware with your breathing of taking in prana from the earth and flowing it through your etheric body up through the base chakra.

Now become aware of taking in solar prana from the sun and allow this to flood through the etheric body down through the crown chakra.

Let the descending solar currents awaken the lunar light within the earth and within the body and lift it up through the etheric to the causal body.

Now become aware of taking in galactic prana visualised as a vital and full darkness that contains the sevenfold light and allow this to extend through the etheric body via the crown and also the heart.

Let the descending galactic currents awaken the dark light within the body and within the planet and lift this up via the heart and the causal body to the monad.

In the causal body triangulate and synthesise these three forms of pranic energy into one fire which ascends via the jewel onto the buddhic plane.

Taking your place in the ashram radiate this fire of synthesis throughout the field of the one great ashram and breathe it down into and through the etheric body and specifically the heart chakra.

Close with the Mantram of Synthesis:

Light, Love and Power are One

They meet in the human race

To let the Life which ever IS

Seed itself in Space.


Let the One behind the Three come forth

And through the heart of man

Reveal the hidden glory

Of the evolving Cosmic Plan.


May the Avatar we are, arrive

To fulfill our destiny

And the Mother of the World rejoice

For the soul of Earth is free.