Monad, Soul and Personality Synthesis Meditation

galactic alignment.jpg

Rest as the soul. Identify as light, love and power.

Consciously unify the subject and object of awareness bringing about the marriage of sun and moon. A simple way to do this is to make the subject - your sense of self - the object of your inner gaze thus collapsing the duality. To help facilitate this you may want to connect with a particular master or soul who can support your realisation.

Be open to be penetrated by the dark light (light cannot enter a black hole, the soul cannot contact the monad - this darkness is the source of light not another object to be illuminated).

When the current of dark, of pure being from the galactic centre or the monad enters, rest in it and as it.

After (no)time resting in being, self-awareness as soul will naturally arise. Now direct the soul's awareness towards the core of the earth, passing through your own bodies on the way. To facilitate this you may want to focus on a particular spot on the earth which you have experienced or are focused on as sacred land.

When you enter the core, let your identification rest as the earth itself. This is your body. All forms are yours. Vitalise them with loving awareness and presence. Release and recycle forms that no longer serve the life-force and send the sap of your spirit into fresh growth that serves the whole.

Now rest again as the soul shining into and through matter and receiving the vitalising rejuvenating force in return. Feel the power of spirit, the dark light at your core strengthening your capacity to shine. Now make a conscious 'atonement' of these two essential energies - the purpose held in Shamballa with the Will or life-force held as a reservoir in matter. Father and Mother are one in me.

Finally hold an awareness of this trinity of centres represented by the galactic centre, the centre of the earth and the centre of the sun (or the Sirian system) - the monad, the soul and the personality. Enter the eye of this triangle and rest as the fourth quality, the Presence of Divinity behind its threefold manifestation.