Following on From Bruce’s post on “Tastes of the Maya”: This is the Sequel - Sharon Lyon

A sequel to the inner-outer Chichen Itza journey that Bruce describes here

In a mixture of synchronicity, divine and mundane timings, inner and outer realities, shamanic journeys, blurred past life boundaries and with an emerging sense of wonder as well as humour, the story continues…..

Prior to leaving for the Yucatan, I met up with a mutual friend from New Zealand whose name by deed poll is Jaguar Kukulkan.  Her husband’s name is Xakan Kukulkan. She was departing for Peru from for a 6 week series of ayahausca ceremonies as part of her spiritual shamanic awakening. I met up with her on the eve of her departure to wish her well.

While Jaguar journeyed in Peru, Bruce and I left for Mexico and visited Chichen Itza, the site of the Kukulkan pyramid, in the Yucatan. A nice cross over in itself.

During our visit some of the boundaries between myth and reality, including the arrival of the hurricane. (Hurrakan – a God of Ancient Mayan Times – meaning Heart of the Sky), as well as reinforcing some of the Galactic Center alignments and mystery, also accompanied ‘impressions’ of incarnational threads from this Mayan period, that had intersections with our current day journey and some of the relationships described.

Jaguar renamed herself Jaguar years prior to any knowledge of the Chichen Itza connection and the relevance of the ‘Jaguar’ at the heart of the Temple there. Her passion for 10 years was weaving as a meditation very finely beaded head bands with Mayan symbols worked into them. People who wore them were able to get a conveyance of the energetic meaning as well the symbology through her work.

In Mayan mythology the Jaguar was seen as ruler of the underworld and a symbol of the Night Sun and darkness.

A very large building called the Temple of the Jaguars, looks down into the ball court from the east platform. A second story of the Temple of Jaguars has the balustrade of its staircase carved to represent the  feathered serpent Kukulkan.

The Jaguar was thought to have the ability to cross between worlds as well as offer protection to Shamans as they themselves traversed the bridge between the earth and the spirit dimensions of reality.

The ballcourt, layed out using sacred geometry, has with an altar at one end depicting what appears to be the specific astronomical December 21st 2012 alignment, but in reality it is depicting a lot more. Sacred ceremony and shamanic rituals performed there included the use of toad venom by the shamans and high priests for their sacred rituals. The Bufo toad, present in Mayan art and mythology, is indeed a part of the key to understanding the message of the ancient Maya for our modern world and times. “There are different aspects to it. 1) the astronomy that will unfold on the precise day that the calendar restarts, 2) the rebirth metaphor that is based on this astronomy, 3) the core meaning of this metaphor.”

“The purest meaning of 2012 is found in the stone monuments and carvings in Izapa, Mexico, the birthplace of the Long Count calendar. These monuments depict both the astronomy of the triple rebirth of the sun as well as the general theme of transformation and rebirth. One of the ways that the Maya present the theme of transformation and rebirth, is with images and statues of the Bufo toad.

The transformation of the tadpole into the toad makes it a perfect symbol for the process of transformation. The adult Bufo toad also sheds its skin four times a year and consumes it. ‘”

Mayan shamans used the psychoactive chemicals excreted from the poison gland of the Bufo toad during their sacred rituals for a direct, personal experience of what we call the spirit world or monadic realm. The substance extracted contains something called 5-MeO-DMT and it has derivatives also found in the plant kingdom. This fact in itself is an entirely different subject which brings in the fact that the plant kingdom is in fact older than us and in some respects more evolved. Our current work is part of the flowering process of humanity, which is still incomplete. Under the seventh ray influence, the alchemy of the time requires all kingdoms to ‘come together’ or work together towards the common goal of sacredising our planetary sphere.

To continue with the story, my decision not to return to NZ immediately meant I re-met Jaguar when she returned from her Peruvian pilgrimage. She arrived with many tales of her inner and outer journeying and I was able to share some of the mysteries and resonances unfolding through our Chichen Itza visit.

In perfect unfoldment and divine timing, the opportunity arose for us both to actually experience the Sacred Mayan Toad ritual together. There were so many things that had been building, that needed to happen, that all pointed to the rightness of entering into the experience. Too many to deny. My ‘personal’ journey towards the experience arose feelings in places in my being of abject terror. The experience had been described as similar to a near death experience and one where the ego self dissolves completely as a form of rebirth takes place into the higher dimensions. The two days before brought to the surface an underlying anxiety that showed itself to be an intrinsic part of the architecture of the ego self that would do anything not to face its sensed demise. The beauty of this was that I was able to see some of the ‘unreality’ that is produced by the ego as it drifts between reinforcing its own self preservation and the knowledge of its eventual death, which it avoids at all costs and in all ways.

The appropriateness of approaching this shared experience felt like a pre-destined reverberation through time that was leading us towards the reality and experience of the Timeless Realm.

The role of the Bufo toad does more than just physically demonstrate the principles of transformation and rebirth; it provides a means to explore the spiritual world and have a direct experience of ‘the true fundamental self or monad.’  Statues of the Bufo toad were not just used as symbols, but as altars, raising them to the highest of levels in Mayan rituals and rites.

What follows is an attempt to describe some of the innermost levels of the intense 20 minute ‘timeless experience.’

The journey is a total ‘out of body experience’ that instantaneously takes one to the monadic sphere with no intermediary subtle states, instantly at what feels like, the speed of Light.

“Consciousness without identity”…pure Super Intense White Light with no witness. An experience of the Light, as the LIGHT.

No time or No-thing exists there except Dynamic LIVING WHITE LIGHT. There is nothing more to say except to try to convey a sense of SUPER PROFUNDITY.

A middle phase as had some distance back from the fully identified state, was one of complete peace and complete awe. Oh My God, doesn’t quite cut it, but the feeling of having just been ‘blown away’ can definitely be described in those terms. The further away from the Absolute Light, the more the sense of being totally imbued with the Love of the Mother.  There was enough self-consciousness returning to be fully AWE-STRUCK.

Through the experience there were no body senses whatsoever. It didn’t exist on any level within the experience. The e re-entry back into the body involved a palpable re-clothing and re-entry into and through at least 7 ‘physical sheaths’. The term ‘gross physical’ certainly describes these ‘garments’ to a T. Each sheath had a distinct layer. One of them felt quite animal in part, but not all. Each was distinct. As the layers re-patterned so did a feeling of being subtley on fire. With eyes closed I could see a mild burning around me and had an awareness that this burning was doing its work to purify subtle layers of my dense physical body.  As with so much of the process, surrender and allowance is absolutely key. The fire seemed not just a product of re-entry but a result and part of the gift of direct contact-identification with the Light.

I was expecting a near-death experience, a long tunnel, maybe glimpses of an angelic realm but no, the experience has been described as very much a ‘masculine’ pathway. It’s a super turbo rocket ride to Core Source with no stops on the way.

So back to the Maya and their gifts to us as they so beautifully orchestrated the best astronomical, astrological and mythological pointers towards the Galactic Center, the monad, and our Primal Source.

As the process of Re-identification takes place within us, we move from a separate identity we have clothed ourselves from birth into physical incarnation, to complete Identification with all that IS. The Maya held out this journey for us, not only with their rebirth metaphors, BUT in the experience itself which is more like being ‘inside’ the ageless wisdom teachings and quite frankly one of the best ‘esoteric’ experiences ever! In fact it takes everything that we have been discovering and theorizing about and delivers you there, in the purest, deepest and most direct way.

The Triple Sun

How do you integrate this experience with mundane physical reality? I have been working for 4 or 5 years, as we all have in varying degrees, to try to ‘exercise the consciousness muscle’ that holds the triplicity of self in right-relationship.  Just as we have been taught and as it has been described we are living as a personality, with physical sheaths, as the soul within its causal realm AND as the Light, the place of pure monadic IDENTIFICATION.

Our personal awareness with its own unique bodily sensations, emotions, thoughts and even dreams gives us a feeling and ‘limited’ awareness of a life that is separate and distinct. This is no way counters the fact that there is only ONE awareness, one consciousness and one LIGHTED LIFE.

The journey as we know and have discovered it has intrinsically contained in it, the shift from lesser identity to a greater ONE.

At the soul level, our attention moves from the very personal to the group life and then to LIFE ITSELF, in a dynamic atoned, identification with the monadic “I.”

2012 in Mayan culture points to the Sacred triple rebirth of the Sun. So much of our work together has been ‘as a group’ plotting the pathway and laying the groundwork for the inner rebirth.

The timing on the astronomical event in 2012, builds a focus and foundation for a living metaphor for this inner rebirthing process. What we have been traversing and together building on, is in fact timeless spiritual wisdom that our ancient brothers and sisters, who may indeed have been us, have laid out paths and pointers towards. As did the Egyptians and other evolved cultures, each doing their piece in this magical and mysterious puzzle.

If the focus of the calendar is timeless and everyone is looking for a literal event (other than the astronomy), the POINT will be missed. Love the pun.

Our journey in this outer ‘physical realm’ is leading us to ‘a more beautifully perfected reflection of the divine Love and Light that comes from the Source of everything.’

Out of fundamental primordial source, all of creation arises. The essence of the non-dual pathway gives us direct access to Source through the perforations we are making between the veils that have for such a long time kept us separate and i-sol-ated.

An individuated personal consciousness is like looking out of a lighted room through different windows. Holding the point of the totality of reality while you are eating your muesli is a muscle that we are learning how to use while at the same time living with the distinctions contained in the triple experience of a ‘personal’ lens, soul-group lens, and Monadic Light.

The Eternal Sun

The ultimate reality of who we are is without birth or death it is essentially eternal. The shocking ‘reality’ of death was what catapulted my ‘individual journey’ of SELF-discovery.

Re-identifying with our Pure Essential Eternal Unchanging SELF, not only ‘solves the problem’ but allows some of the trust to re-emerge of a friendly universe. Even the ‘idea’ however of Gods and Goddesses in the blinding face of the Monadic Light, falls away as the Light of Absolute Reality dawns. Mayans may have seemed to be pre-occupied with time, but the truth is that they were really using time as a metaphor that points to the timeless.

The rebirth of our Triple Sun essential natures, is the way Home.

From Bruce’s paper on the black hole teaching: “DK reminds us that we are essentially cosmic desire that has set up three stations on the cosmic physical plane – the monad, soul and personality and then ‘fallen twice’ so that by the time we are in deep physical incarnation we primarily identify with the personality and so the spiritual path begins. When we are able to re-identify as monad on the monadic plane then the cosmic paths open…..”

Additional Notes  – with conversation and insights welcome

White Light – Dark Light

“Who so wishes to have an insight into the sacred unity, let him consider a flame rising from a burning coal or a burning lamp. He will see first a two-fold light — a bright white, and a black or blue light; the white light is above, and ascends in a direct light, while the blue, or dark light, is below, and seems as the chair of the former, yet both are so intimately connected together that they constitute only one flame. The seat, however, formed by the blue or dark light, is again connected with the burning matter which is under it again. The white light never changes its color, it always remains white; but various shades are observed in the lower light, whilst the lowest light, moreover, takes two directions; above, it is connected with the white light, and below with the burning matter. Now, this is constantly consuming itself, and perpetually ascends to the upper light, and thus everything merges into a single unity.” IU2 222.

** Im not sure where this quote is from but it links in beautifully with the experience of White light and burning matter.

I am including a whole quoted extract from the Makara site that mines into some of the physics or should I say metaphysics of the Dark/White Light equation. Referred to is maybe different aspects of the triplicity of the Monadic sphere. There are some more able to speak in this territory. I am hoping that my experience along with specific teachings may illuminate.

“JPC: We are aware that spirit is matter and matter is spirit in its densest form. Correspondingly we note that the light of matter, the material atom, is esoterically understood to be “dark light”, the inherent light of the material sheath. On a higher level, to those who recognise not the blazing light of Shamballa, this spiritual light is occultly referred to as “the dark light of Shamballa”. Therefore we have to opposite references to “dark light” or energy, provided for by occultism. Science calls dark matter the “vacuum energy” as its energy radiation is equivalent to that of an empty vacuum.

This as we might think is very low to nothing, and we may refer to it as nothingness or “no thing” remembering that it does however produce effects of gravitational pull on denser materialisations of matter i.e. effecting structure formation of galaxies, stars and planets not to mention the manifested universe. Science does an excellent job of describing dark matter in that it does “serve mainly as expressions of our ignorance, much as the marking of early maps with terra incognita”.

Therefore it recognises that it appears dark to its current un-fathom ability of science to “see” or understand the gradations of subtle light energy which lies behind the matter which it at present does see. “Nature abhors a vacuum”, this occultism fully recognises and it is explained as the medium or mode of transmission of one state of energy/light, spirit/matter from one state and plane to another thus resulting in some transmutation of some description or other. It is also the composite, if I may use such an opposite term of description, which seals or separates one state of being, occultly speaking. The vacuum of space, is that which is the transmission funnel for the formation of the visible spheres, clusters and gasses which make up the matter science does account for, is the occultly created “funnel” by which the great designer produces its karmic vehicles of expression.

Subsidery Gravitational pull is the lower law which emanates from the greater law of attraction and repulsion which ultimately originates from the “cosmic magnet” the inner central spiritual Sun. Science recognises that dark matter operates under this law of gravitation and therefore influences the denser bodies around it; the scientific problem is that it has recognised a cosmic gravitational influence coming from something other, which has no great mass as we understand it. In effect, it has recognised the magnetic attraction of a far more subtle influence than it had ever previously known. The “dark light of Shamballa”, the hidden subtle brilliance operates under the cosmic law of attraction, the great law which draws all eventually to its being.

This is the law of the cosmic magnetic and central spiritual Sun. Dark matter or “dark energy” is the scientific recognition of a higher magnetic repulsion and attraction, behind the accounted for matter or physical universe which produces the separation and coherence of the atoms of the universe. Occultism speaks of “zero points” created by the fire of Akasha, the central sun, and explains that this fire is brilliant creative light, a “light of all lights” which sub stands and creates all that is.

The mentioned “zero points” are the laya centres of blackness, indeed “black holes” in space or the energetic centres or vortices of energy, which to the eye of the seer appear as brilliant fohatic light, yet remain black to the observational point of view of contemporary science. These zero points when the outer work of the sun has taken its course draw all outer mass back to its higher source or esoteric point of pralaya or place of dark unmanifest energy.”