Soul Partnerships - Sharon Lyon

(Essentialised by Sharon Lyon from an Article by Erol Weiner)

A soul-based partnership has its own partnership Soul-center & is a relationship attuned to this ‘inner’ Self, inner ‘Life’ aspect of the partnership or marriage itself, that ‘moves’ them forward.

The ‘blood’ family does not have influence in soul partnerships.

The partners choose what type of partnership, ceremonies, ritual, expression with children & ‘way of life’ that they want and need.

A soul partnership is automatically linked to soul family and soul life and soul living.

The ‘way’ comes from ‘within’ of the authority is the higher Self and not the outside, parent(s), family, tradition, culture, religion, minister, rabbi, priest.

A soul partnership represents the new future of humanity, the new marriage, family, home environment, education, work expression and new way of life.

Soul partnerships are based upon ‘inner’ security and not upon outer security.

The ‘outer’ life & ‘old relationship model’ is based as always upon the changing face of the lower mortal self & its survival needs, money needs, work, sex, knowledge, communications etc. in a changing & unstable outer environment.

The Soul partnership is dedicated to identification with the overriding Collective stable, unchanging Self, and to serving this Self in the world of form, via the agency of the partnership.

Soul partnership is an ever ongoing and unfolding experience. Each minor or major transformation, transmutation and ‘death of the ego’ if followed by a ’rebirth’.

Lower self partnership is governed by limitation itself – as such it must, at some stage, end up in separation or divorce.

This ‘death’ occurs when the limitation is reached and there is no where else to go – except into soul partnership.

One cannot move on to a higher level of the spiral without sacrificing what existed on the level one is leaving’.

Soul partnership requires many ego sacrifices, but sacrifice is the food of soul life.

A Soul IS an agent of sacrifice – Souls sacrifice their great freedom in order to serve the System they incarnate into.

A Soul partnership is an ego-sacrifice by two Souls who choose to pool their resources to empower their service of humanity.

Soul partnerships sacrifice consciously, intelligently and with high responsibility. Sacrifice is a sacred beautiful word.

Soul partners need to make meditation an integral part of their partnership because meditation is the essence of ‘inner’ work and living.

Meditation is the ‘way’ per se to maintain conscious alignment and ‘inner’ co-operative partnership with the Solar Angel, and with the 5th kingdom of Souls.

Soul partners need to use and apply the ‘laws of manifestation’ or the ’divine laws of supply and demand’ because a soul partnership is not bonded to the traditional laws of economics, in and by itself.

Soul partnership is based upon ‘giving and service’ and not upon taking and getting for self.

Giving more time to ‘inner’ work (the spiritual side of life) will require a sacrifice of time and energy given to ‘outer’ material work, and normal work and economic patterns of living will not apply to such partnerships. New economic laws are thus required.

Outer work will also have to be attuned to soul-based motivations, values, ethics and ecology – to ‘living lightly on the Earth’ and to ‘living simply so that others might simply live’.

Fear of economic limitation and thus insecurity can only be counteracted via the use and demonstration of the divine law of supply and demand, which is a law of the all-abundant Soul.

Service and forgiveness and humility are qualities of the soul. Soul partners will always need to ‘serve’ one another and one-another’s highest good.

Soul partners help one another to sacrifice their lower selves. They apply ’fire’ to the partnership. They burn the ego even though it causes great pain to the ego.

Soul partners know they are not the mortal ego but immortal Souls with high purpose and work.

People focused in their lower selves cannot understand a Soul partnership. They ‘see’ with their two eyes and make judgments with their lower mind.

Souls are ‘killers of illusion’ – they are Warriors of the Light who swords are drawn in ongoing battle & do not ‘suffer fools gladly’.

As esoteric teachings so wisely state ‘Souls activate the light and shadow in whoever they meet’; they bring out the light of love, purpose and service, and burn away the shadow of ignorance, fear, selfishness, glamour and illusion. A Soul partnership does the same – with double the power and effect.

Soul partners will need to forgive one another countless times, for the lower self is very imperfect and limited and it will manifest on an ongoing basis.

They will need to be very humble, because they will need to apologise to one another countless times as the lower self manifests its complex nature, consciously or unconsciously.

The normal ‘laws’ (written and unwritten) that apply to ego-based partnerships do not apply to soul partnerships. Soul partners come together to serve the highest good, to serve the divine Plan, and to serve their fellow humanity. They are dedicated to this sacred ‘Work’.

Lower-self manifestations have to be faced and burned out, but they should not be allowed to block this soul-work. This is why forgiveness, humility and unconditional love have to be applied to soul partnerships.

The soul is a ‘group’ consciousness, and soul partnerships will thus be involved in ‘group’ and planetary consciousness and relationships.

There will be and should be times for retreat, rest and recharging, but these times will be short lived and only when appropriate.

There will be many times of ‘ego’ tiredness, exhaustion, frustration, anger, projection, disillusionment and depression, but the Soul partnership accepts these tough, painful and testing times, and carries on – regardless.

Many battle wounds will be taken by Soul partners, but Warriors of the Light heal quickly and enter the battlefield with renewed power and vigour.

The Warrior of the Light will, at times, descend into the underworld of the ’Shadow’ to do battle, and to burn out the lower self, but the Warrior, paradoxically, gains power from these battles, and emerges into the Light with a sharpened sword, and a grand sense of humour.

Laughter is a grand weapon of the Light Warrior, and the dark forces do not possess such a fierce and power-enhancing weapon.

The Fool’s greatest weapon is humour and laughter. Souls are cosmic Fools. Only a Fool dares take on the dark powers.

Soul partnerships require & benefit from the science of astrology and soul-based psychology. Without these knowledge systems, and the knowledge of ’right timing’, and the ‘meaning behind things’, the partnership will be far more difficult to understand and sustain.

Soul partnerships also require the science of ‘group astrology’ because the soul is a ‘group’ consciousness and it works according to ‘group and planetary law and cycles’.

Soul partnerships need to learn how to work and evolve via the monthly and annual astro-psychological cycles, because these planetary cycles are attuned to soul evolution.

Full Moon cycles are when the human kingdom and the soul kingdom can attain ’alignment and co-operation’, this is related to the ‘balance of opposites’, and thus to Libra.

This is a time when the intimate inter-relationship between soul partnerships and soul-based law, meditation, astrology and psychology can thus be understood.

Libra and Partnerships – Libra is the 7th sign & is related to the development of partnership consciousness and relationship.

It is opposite to Aries, the 1st sign, which is connected to the development of self- consciousness.

During the Libra Solar Month, (Sept 23-Oct 23), we have the opportunity to deepen the exploration of partnership – the relationship between two individuals, the polarities of spirit and matter, the masculine and feminine opposite & complementary energies. Libra is the archetype of ‘balancing all opposites’.

Partnerships, like individuals, have an ongoing process of evolution and initiation.

When we study the three planets that govern Libra we can understand this process more fully.

Libra is ruled by Venus (lower self), Uranus (soul) and Saturn (spirit). Venus governs the normal traditional dimension of partnership and marriage.

The motivation for relationship in this case is material & traditional. Money, material security, sex, emotional well being, basic communication, material ‘harmony and comfort’ are the goal.

In this model, the ‘blood’ family ideal predominates, not only for the partners but also in terms of the parents and family of the partners.

Uranus governs soul-based partnership. When Uranus made its seven-year transit through Libra in the late 60’s and early to mid 70’s a huge revolution (= Uranus) took place in the area of partnership. For example, people began to ‘live together’ before deciding to marry. Since the 60’s this Venusian-type of marriage began to disintegrate under Uranus’s influence. A move toward more inner & outer balance between the opposite poles meant, men began to explore and integrate their inner ‘feminine’ and women their inner ‘masculine’ as part of a new integration & balancing process.

Saturn, or the Angel of Saturn, or the Lord of Karma, has overall rulership of Libra.

Saturn is the overall ruler of Libra, it is also exalted in Libra (‘exalted’ means it has its greatest power in this sign).

Saturn is related to the issue of ‘law’, be it material law or spiritual law.

The ego cannot change these laws to suit itself. They exist and function beyond the ego. They order the world of higher Consciousness, of the Soul.

Soul partnerships have to learn about these laws, and apply them to ‘life on Earth’.

The law of polarity and the balancing of opposites are fundamental spiritual laws.

Since spirit and matter, soul and personality, higher and lower mind, light and shadow, and masculine and feminine energy compose the opposites, under the guidance of Saturn, the lawmaker, when man and woman enter into ‘right’ partnership they have the opportunity to discover the ‘key’ to the great law of polarity and balance between opposites.

This cannot occur in ego-based partnership because matter or the triune lower self is the effect and not the cause; it can only occur in soul partnership because the soul is the cause of the persona.

The reason why so many ‘new age’ partnerships break up is because the aim of a soul-based partnership is NOT personality transformation – personality transformation is a natural ‘effect’ of soul consciousness and its manifestation.

In order to truly understand soul partnership we have to understand the ’laws of the soul’, and Saturn governs these laws. The laws of karma and of re-incarnation are part of these laws, but there are many other laws that govern the world of the soul.

Service is a major law of the soul. Love, not emotion, is a law of the soul.

Intuitive perception is another soul law. Forgiveness is another law.

The balance of opposites is another law.

The divine law of supply and demand or the law of spiritual economics is a soul law.

The law of cycles, connected to soul astrology, is a soul law.

Soul partnership cannot be separated from these laws. This is one reason why Saturn has overall spiritual rulership of Libra.

In the monthly Solar cycle of Libra, the Angel of Libra ‘holds the opposites in the balance’ offering an opportunity to align one’s inner & outer relationship(s), with this unifying force!