A New Era. A New Cosmology. A New Alignment - Bruce Lyon

A New Era. A New Cosmology. A New Alignment.



Essence: A simple meditative alignment twice a year for a post -2012 consciousness shift.


Our world did not end in 2012. But with a little help our worldview might have…

And about time too. Because time is what we are out of according to earth scientists and the Mayan calendar as well.

The time and space our civilization lives in is determined by the sun. We measure our days and years by it. Our religions are solar – Jesus Christ is the last in a long line of sun gods. Our politics are solar – the sun king ( or president ) and attendant council. Our education is solar – the teacher dispensing light and love to his or her students. Our economic systems are solar with their central banks and monetary theories. We are in our ‘solar systems’ like fish in water but all this is changing before our eyes.

To find a similar shift in worldview we must go back to Copernicus and the ‘enlightenment’. When the sun was placed in the centre of our cosmology the whole of western civilization underwent a revolution that reverberates to this day.

In the twentieth century we discovered the solar system was part of the Milky Way which itself was only one of billions of galaxies in the universe. In 2000 it was confirmed that the centre of our galaxy, and indeed all galaxies was a massive black hole.

So now we have a new orientating symbol and a new cosmology. Not a centre of light and order (the sun) but a centre of darkness and mystery (the black hole) from which not even light escapes. In this cosmology human beings are not planets orbiting a sun but each of us is a star in their own right circling together a great mystery.

In the old paradigm we trusted the mind, the world of rational science and we followed our leaders and exemplars, our maps and our models. In the new paradigm we also need the heart to sense that which the mind cannot comprehend.

Truth is not something we can know but something we vibrate to with our whole being.

Wisdom is not something we can possess but something we lean in to.

We may not be able to see where we are going but we are moving anyway towards a destiny we sense in our souls. We favour intuition and synchronicity over intellect and planning. We are drawn forward by a spiritual instinct that is inherently good for the whole rather than being driven by our fears and the instinct for self-preservation.

We walk with deep joy, appreciate beauty and keep it simple in a world where there is immense suffering, negativity and complexity.

We are inclined differently.

We know we cannot change the world (‘cos we tried) but we can change our perception, our orientation and our actions. Instead of attempting to create heaven on earth we see with new eyes the heaven that has always been here and appreciate the sacredness of each moment on the journey.

Every cosmology has it rituals and rites that help us orient ourselves and for millennia humans have looked to cosmos for a sense of participation and in contemplation of divinity. Full moons, equinoxes and solstices have been times to pause and reflect on the relationship between the local players in our cosmic drama. Now there is a new player in our collective awareness – the galactic centre. Twice in the 26000 year precession cycle the plane of our solar system aligns with the galactic centre so that at the winter or summer solstice the sun coincides with the galactic centre. Dec 21 2012 is the date many are focusing on to mark this alignment however the alignment is in effect for several years either side of this date. There are two times during each year when the sun, earth and galactic centre are in direct alignment. One is June 20/21 and the other Dec 20/21. In June the earth is between the galactic centre and the sun and in December the sun is between the galactic centre and earth. Together they form an annual galactic equivalent to the monthly new and full moon.

Here is a simple alignment that can be done by anyone anywhere on the planet to mark these two periods of orientation to the galactic centre.

The idea is to consciously align the axis of the body with this axis in the heavens at some time during the twenty four hour period leading up to the solstice. By bringing our bodies 'in to line' we are linking our energy centres up with the cosmic ones.

In June the sun and the galactic centre are opposite (this is the same for both hemispheres which is unifying) with the earth in between - so at sunrise or sunset wherever you are on the planet - if ( the soles of) your feet are pointing towards the sun then your head will be pointing towards the galactic centre. If you are in a culture where it is rude to point your feet then point your butt (and ‘let the sun shine in’ ‘where the sun don’t shine’) Or if you go out at midnight and stand with your head towards the galactic centre then your feet will be towards the sun. Look for the constellation Scorpio – his tail as well as the arrow of Sagittarius points towards the dark rift of the galactic centre – the grand central sun.

In December the sun and galactic centre are together so we simply point our heads towards the sun. Simple.

Use whatever form of meditation or prayer arises for you – the important thing is to relax in to the alignment and try to sense the waves of cosmic kundalini flowing between these three centres in the galactic body. The collective image is of people all over the planet lining up like iron filings on this great earth heart magnet as we respond to the inflow of cosmic electricity.

We are and always have been galactic and universal beings as well as solar and earthly ones. Our solar system has made more than 20 journeys around the galactic core each one taking 250 million earth years. We are players in a cosmic game in cosmic space-time and humanity is awakening to a new level of consciousness.

We are leaning into the mystery, dancing with divine darkness, called and cradled by some unknowable power that draws us ever more deeply and lovingly towards our true nature.

And on that journey…we are one.