The Seventh Ray, Life and Synthesis - Bruce Lyon

When we speak of the seventh ray in the Age of Aquarius it is a cosmic or life ray we are talking about.

The major difference between third phase and second phase is the emphasis of life over consciousness and this results in equality in the field of hierarchy. 'The energy of Shamballa puts everyone in their place' without belittling or aggrandising them because each is valued equally 'in life'.

Systems of conscious development include everything from theosophy to spiral dynamics to integral theory. They emphasise the development of consciousness in different stages and later stages are seen as more inclusive and integrative. All necessary and good as well as creating a natural bias. Higher states are inevitably seen as 'more positive' and desirable. People coming into contact with these systems inevitably either over or underestimate themselves and others according to an 'ideal'.

The seventh ray is not just a systemic ray but a cosmic one. What this means is that it is the synthesised light of all the seven rays on the cosmic physical plane. It is light supernal. All the rays are subrays of the seventh as it expresses on earth. The seventh ray then is the substance that each level of the developmental spiral or the seven planes is made up of. It substands them and therefore extends life to them all. If anything it preferences out of resonance the seventh or lowest plane which corresponds to the physical and thus enables the temple of power to manifest.

Uranus represents both the first systemic ray and the seventh cosmic ray. When we contact the heights then we realise the value of the depths and they become part (in consciousness) of the the same energy. The dragon eats his tail and we all find our places on the back of the cosmic dragon like vertebrae in the spine of the universe.