An Emergent Sadhana of Power - Jon Darrall-Rew

“True power is not an exchange of authority but the affirmation and revelation of essential Identity.” (Working with the Will) 

We’re living in a time when a new level frequency of divine energy is starting to pour into humanity and the planet. This is the energy of divine power, will and purpose. In the Trans-Himalayan teachings this relates to the monadic level of our being and of the planet. It’s not that masters in the past haven’t awakened to this depth of reality - they have. It’s rather that there has never before been such an activation of this energy in our collective planetary life that it pours into humanity as a whole. In Mercury, DK says:

“Elsewhere I have said that Earth may serve as a station of light for this corner of the galaxy, which is quite an extraordinary statement if you stop to think about it. What is the potential role of this planet, what chance does it have of fulfilling it, and what is the best way forward? The return of the Christ and the externalisation of the Hierarchy are part of a much vaster Plan then you can imagine. The relevance to the human kingdom is all that man has been able to grasp so far, but a synthetic grasp is necessary to glimpse the whole. The human kingdom must be put in perspective as only one in the system. Identification with the whole will enable some faint understanding of the purpose of that whole. This will be the most difficult part of the teaching to get across, but in some ways the most important for it sets before humanity something of the purpose in which they can play a part—not only as a kingdom but as part of a much greater ‘whole’.

“Already I despair at being able to get this across without being totally misunderstood, but that will be my challenge and that is why it is the third part of the third phase—in some ways the whole body of teaching disseminated through the three phases could be said to have as its goal the conditioning of the field of humanity so that a seed of this Cosmic purpose could be dropped into that soil.” (Mercury, p. 36)

The Three Levels of Our Being - Personality, Soul, Monad

In the Trans-Himalayan teachings, the self is understood to have three levels: personality, soul and monad. Each of these, like everything, is an expression of the Absolute Self.

We can consider our personality like our planetary or Earth self. It has, on a good day, solid boundaries and many different ecologies and evolutions that compose our personal self.

 We can consider our soul like our sun self. It shines unconditionally and just as the sun doesn’t ask the orbiting planets the exchange rate each day to share its light, so also do we as souls shine love, wisdom and light unconditionally into our field.

 We can consider our monadic self – our spirit – like a black hole. At this level there is no self, but rather an empty space of pure electric being, vibrating with divine will, purpose and power – the dark light of the Life force.

 Radical awakening to the Absolute Self is able to occur at each of these levels of the self, though it is much more likely to naturally occur at the level of soul than personality, and the monad resides ever in unbroken awakening to and as the Absolute Self. Each of the three aspects is understood to hold a primary quality in terms of its expression of divinity: intelligence for the personality, love-wisdom at the level of soul, and will, power and purpose for the monad.

 Spiritual Traditions Expressive of the Three Levels of Our Being

 If we look to the spiritual traditions and their evolution, we see that the first two of the three aspects – Intelligence and Love – have been grounded already by some of the great masters of the past. These birthed traditions that have allowed expression and exploration of the qualities inherent in the personality and soul aspects, with the sadhana, or type of spiritual practice of that tradition, centering in on that aspect.

 One tradition where intelligence and mind are the primary focus is Buddhism. The Buddha demonstrated awakening from the personality without any emphasis on shifting of our level of consciousness deeper into soul or monad, and hence the emphasis on intelligence in Buddhism to be able to discern the reason for one’s suffering and the path to awakening. Because the Buddha’s teaching uses the intelligence of the personality as its foundation, it is described by DK as synthesizing the wisdom of the 1st system, and has having established the “Temple of Light” on the mental plane. What DK means by this is that after the Buddha’s life and work, there existed a field of potential illumination in human culture, where anyone who comes into contact with his teaching can enter into a path to understand themselves, their life, and awaken to their true nature.

 Then Christianity (as well as such traditions as Sufism slightly later) came along, and this brought a sadhana of love (related to the 2nd system), and a form of spiritual approach, practice and living rooted in a profound commitment to love and world service. As DK has taught here also, this allowed the establishment of the “Temple of Love” on the astral plane. This means that from the time of Christ onwards there has existed in human culture a field of love and dedication to service that has had a major impact on our collective story, and that can be draw on by anyone who contacts it to take their path into Christ’s love and consciousness deeper.  

The Coming Sadhana of Power

What then is the sadhana of power? What is the sadhana of the Life principle, as opposed to the intelligence and love principles, which will allow the Temple of Power to be founded upon the physical plane?

The sadhana of the life principle involves the choice to take one’s focus off the development of the personality and soul, and both make demand upon, and surrender into the Life-current.

In Shamballa School we work with the understanding that monadic identification with the will, power, and purpose of Life is available to all beings. While the antahkarana, or the bridge in consciousness between planes, and the aspects of our being and communities of lives who reside on those planes, requires construction over time, the sutratma, or the Life-thread that anchors the monad in the heart chakra, is ever-present and unbroken. This allows the monadic Life principle to be contacted via the heart, at least temporarily, by all human beings regardless of their level of consciousness development or worldly activity.

 At the macrocosmic scale, while the cosmic antahkarana is steadily being built by the various communities of lives residing on the cosmic physical, astral and mental planes, the cosmic sutratma remains unbroken just as it does in the human being. That cosmic sutratma extends from its anchoring point in the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy, through the heart of our sun, into the aura of our planet through Shamballa and down to the core of the Earth.

 The sadhana of power is identification with the monadic Life principle, and participation in its sharing and transmission. This naturally brings awakening to our monadic identity as God – the Life-force of the universe, and we begin to access the power of the Life principle, which resides in the capacity of monadic purpose to transform and transfigure the planes and consciousness composing its field simply through the potency of its presence (see the Mysteries of the Black Hole Teaching paper for more on this).

 When we work with the Life principle, we take our focus off consciousness and activity, and yet both of them burn more brightly as a result. And since the monad resides always in instinctual self-realisation as the Absolute Self, contact with the Life principle involves both evolutionary awakening to a wider sphere of identity, will, purpose, time and space, as well as radical awakening to the Absolute.

The Coming Cosmic Revelation

The Tibetan associates the personality, soul and monadic principles with planetary, solar and galactic scales of consciousness. Therefore we could say that while early Buddhism opened up one of the first truly global orientations among the traditions, and Christianity, through its emphasis on the solar principle of Love, brought in the revelation of the solar truth: “God is Love” (our solar Logos forms part of the heart chakra of a greater cosmic Logos), the Will, Power and Purpose aspect of divinity brings in the galactic perspective. This relates to the anchoring of universal Life on Earth, in the form of human monads, as cosmic kundalini.

 Of course there have been and are traditions that have had the Will and Power aspect at their core (the Ancient Egyptian School and Islam, for instance). However, it is only with the recent release of the Shamballa-Force that the beginnings of the revelation of Earth’s expression of galactic purpose have broken through, and its connection to our solar and planetary purpose have begun to be experientially understood.

 This release and dawning revelation, perfectly coordinated with the intersection of the plane of our solar system and that of the galaxy (related to the 2012 phenomenon), have been withheld by Hierarchy until now so that intelligence and love could be developed first by humanity, as the foundation for the arrival of power.

 This is why the Shamballa Impacts have only just begun and why they change the whole game. Now the path is no longer just about the transcendence of suffering or loving service to all beings. Now the field is starting to be ready for the revelation of the galactic PURPOSE that wills to be lived on our planet, and the release of the Power to BE it.

The Third Phase

This makes plain also that the ‘third approach’ is much bigger than just the third phase of the Trans-Himalayan tradition. The third approach is the release and revelation of the Will, Power and Purpose aspect of divinity on a planetary scale and with cosmic significance. It makes clear also that the Trans-Himalayan tradition can be considered a pioneer in terms of its focus here. This is one of the deepest reasons for the extensive teachings on cosmology we have, and for the source of the teachings coming unequivocally from Masters. It is all to provide a participatory framework into which the Seed of Planetary, Solar and Galactic Purpose could be dropped as the Power of Shamballa is released to implement it.

 Earth is about to awaken. Humanity is on the verge of self-realisation as an expression of the galactic monad, here to ground and transmit the electric power of Life into and through the cosmos. Are we ready?!