Compilation of Teachings on the Temple of Power - Jon Darrall-Rew

Key to references:

OC = Occult Cosmology (Lyon, 2010)

GI = Group Initiation (Lyon, 2005)

WWW = Working with the Will (Lyon, 2004)

AWF = Agni: Way of Fire (Lyon, 2004)

M = Mercury (Lyon, 2003)


There is a divine energy which it is the destiny of the human hierarchy to reveal. Something is incarnating or ‘coming into being’ through the human soul that is linked with the restoration of the mysteries and the building of the ‘temple of power’ on the physical plane. (OC, p. 174)


The first phase of the unfoldment of the modern Mystery traditions was anchored under impulse from the Sirian lodge and has been held at the core of many systems of civilisation; in particular the Vedas, the Egyptian mysteries and the systems of South America. The primary focus of the Mystery traditions has been the initiation into the soul, which is why the sun has played such an important symbolic role. These traditions and initiations are fast becoming exoteric. The current dispensation and the return of the modern mystery schools focuses upon the Will, the monad, and will result in what has been termed the Temple of Power manifesting on the physical-etheric plane. The pyramid is a geometrical symbol for the first stage of the mysteries anchoring. The octahedron (outside the double tetrahedron) is the symbol for the second stage. It represents the coming of cosmic fire to Earth. (OC, p. 214-215)


The lower three chakras in men and women will eventually serve a stupendous function in the life of humanity that will result in the sacredisation of the lower three kingdoms. The soul will learn to play all seven chakras as a flute, and the sounding of the lowest note will be contemporaneous with the founding of the Temple of Power on the physical plane and the full re-emergence of the mysteries.

Sex currently looms very large in the semi-consciousness of humanity as a whole. I say semi-consciousness because it is not fully in the light of day—the light of the soul. Humanity as a whole could be said to have achieved a great deal in the last century with respect to solarising the solar plexus. Psychology has made great strides in this regard. Now the sacral centre will come increasingly under the Uranian light stimulated by the opposition of Uranus and Saturn that occurred in the sixties and now again in 2009.

How will that look? I can give some hints that if followed may lead to greater freedom and love in this regard.

  1. The embracing of sexual energy as a positive and pleasurable means of self-expression.
  2. The clear distinction of sexual energy from the act of sex.
  3. The breaking free of the sexual energy from serving the survival and power needs of the personality.
  4. The use of sexual energy for awakening and energising the entire body.
  5. The use of the sacral energy for manifesting the creativity of the soul.
  6. The use of the sacral centre for co-operation with the devic lives of the other kingdoms via sound, dance and mantra.
  7. The group use of the sacral centre in the creation of sacred space and generation of resources.

The emphasis in the second phase of the teaching was the raising of the sexual energy from the sacral to the throat centre. This was preliminary to the soul taking control of the sacral centre. Once this has been achieved then this centre acts as an energetic reservoir that receives the down-flowing energies of the soul and forms those relationships both within humanity and between kingdoms that will allow the full expression of the soul purpose and quality in the three worlds.

Often in the Sixth Ray Age spiritual traditions the sacral centre was viewed as a problem because of its power. Monks, nuns, artists, generals were continually ‘lured’ off the path of being creative for spirit because of the urge towards procreativity. Once they were drawn into marriage and having families then the responsibilities of the householder took over and spiritual opportunities were often lost. Of course this is a polarised view that invites the opposite perspective for what more spiritual service might there be than providing the next generation of humanity? This duality has plagued history partly because the forces at work are so strong and it will only be in the Seventh Ray Age that balance, harmony and the right use of the sexual energy will be achieved.

The disciple is aware of the need to master the devic lives in his or her three vehicles. Meditation is designed to help disidentify with thoughts, feelings and our physical bodies. We master our physical appetites, our emotional longings and addictions and then finally our thoughtforms and our illusions. We achieve some degree of triadal polarisation. Now as the soul we take possession again of each of our three vehicles, flooding them and transfiguring them with the light, love and power of the triad. The mind is now the vehicle for the creative abstract intelligence of the soul. The emotional body is flooded with buddhi and naturally reaches out as the impulses of transpersonal love find personal expression. The etheric body becomes the vehicle of expression of the will or atma nature of the soul. It is via Uranus and the sacral centre that obstacles to the manifestation of soul purpose—and collectively the Externalisation of the Hierarchy—are swept away. Once the triad and the three vehicles of the personality are fully fused then the energy of the monad is able to operate directly on the physical plane.

So it becomes clear that the correct activation and use of the sacral centre on the descending arc is critical to the current times and to the creation of the necessary field that will allow for the full externalisation of the planetary soul. Coincident with this activation will be the freeing up of financial resources necessary for anchoring the new civilisation. (OC, p. 221-223)


The disciple then, while focused within the causal body at the Third Degree is at the very heart of the five worlds and therefore, as a result of fourth dimensional flows, is a transmitter of the Will of God that reaches him from his particular Master via the jewel at the centre of the lotus. The initiate of the Third Degree is thus himself a ‘jewel in Indra’s net’ or a seed crystal reflecting the energy of planetary purpose within the three worlds. He becomes a potent and effective worker from the mental plane because his thoughts are constructed from higher levels. The thoughtforms he constructs form clear precise and esoterically ‘hard’ cores which are basically living crystallised idea essences that lie at the heart of ‘projects’ in the three worlds. These cores surround themselves with disciples of the Second and First Degrees whose work it is to build in the astral and etheric energies with which they are identified and thus bring them into manifestation. Thus through the process of brotherhood we have the Will of God passing through from the atmic plane all the way to the physical, making of the five worlds, one. When this is achieved on a large scale we will have the Temple of Power anchored upon the physical plane and the Externalisation process will be in full flower. Thus we see that it is the work of Third Degree initiates to be the living bridge between the worlds of the triad and the worlds of the personality. They can do this because they realise, not as an intellectual idea but as a living experienced reality, that the two worlds of soul and personality are not two but one. (OC, p. 238)


There are three phases in the group initiatory process which I am seeking to ‘seed’ through experimental work with groups such as this one. All of these phases require a certain degree of buddhic consciousness because it is only on the buddhic plane that man becomes fully group conscious and therefore able to participate in the work of Hierarchy as a member of the Fourth or human Hierarchy.

The first phase of the work is the bringing into relationship of the energies of the atmic and the higher mental planes. This results in the release of Light Supernal in its creative aspect within the egoic field of the group and necessarily within the individual egoic field. This release may or may not be registered within the consciousness of the individual depending on a number of factors, but is nevertheless far-reaching in its results, making the soul a ‘carrier’ of the energy of synthesis.

The second phase of the work has to do with the relating of the energy of the monadic plane to the astral, and this via the thread of the antahkarana or channel that was opened up in the first phase. Necessarily it involves a wider group field, as our astral connections are extensive.

The third phase of the work must involve an even broader group process as it involves the relating of a thin strand of logoic or first plane energy through to the lowest or seventh plane. Once again this is accomplished through the channel built via the first two phases of the work, and has significant results upon the outer plane. Accompanying these outer results is the full registering of the three-fold process within the etheric brain. Together this series of initiatory processes enables the highest and the lowest to meet and is a result of the effect of the incoming Seventh Ray upon the Fourth or human Hierarchy during the Aquarian Age. Think this through, for an insight maycome as to the whole unfolding process of initiation which humanity is about to undergo, and the founding upon the physical plane of the Temple of Power which is the seed for the coming schools of initiation, and will enable eventually the First Initiation to be taken en masse in the outer court of everyday consciousness. (GI, 226-227)


At the Third Initiation the Fifth Ray comes into play and the mind is enlightened, which has its reflex action upon the physical/etheric. More energy is released, but this time through the inflow of manas or mind. At the Fifth Initiation it is the action of the First Ray which releases atma. The reflex action of this release creates the ‘third uprising’ of the energy of matter and the full disintegration of the causal body. Itis the combination of the First, Fifth and Seventh Rays that focuses the highest into the lowest. There is thus an alignment between three temples—the Temple of Ezekiel (atmic plane), the Temple of Solomon (mental plane) and the temple of the body (physical plane). On a global level the foundation of the Temple of Power upon the physical plane and the restoration of the mysteries of initiation has a correspondence to this process. On a solar systemic level the anchoring of a ‘germ of solar Will’ by the Planetary Logos has its correspondence. (GI, p. 272)


This synthesis is the realisation on the physical plane of that which lies behind all the planes. All seven planesor states of consciousness are in essence one—the OneLife of the cosmic physical plane. When this One Life is experienced then all lesser distinctions are realised within context and let go of. In the case of the initiate, individual or group, this ‘current’ of Life energy is registered tangibly within the physical brain as well as in consciousness.e registration within form becomes a ‘touchstone’for accessing the current, which is why certain physical locations in the outer world become stable anchoring points for the fifth kingdom and is also the reason that the Temple of Power can be eventually realised on the physical plane. Your work as a group with Highden has been part of this process.

So, something happens within the lowest expression of the personality—the physical form. The energy of ‘Life’ is registered and has a more or less permanent ‘anchoring’ point. Something also happens within the soul—on its highest level of expression, the atmic plane. This could be described as a ‘tear’ in the veil or web. Remember thatthe veils are progressively rent between the etheric levels, which is also called the ‘burning of the web’. When it is also remembered that the descent of the fire of spirit and the ascent of the kundalini fire are simultaneous events and in reality there is only one ‘fire’, then some understanding may result. The result in consciousness (for the soul is ever the seat of consciousness) is that the ‘compartmentalisation’ of consciousness is ended. Its division into personality, soul and spirit is brought to an end within the awareness of the soul. The eye in the triangle is experienced. (GI, p. 289)


So far we have looked at this third approach with respect to the individual approach to divinity, but it applies equally to our planetary life as a whole. Two Great Approaches by spirit to form have already been made, with two lesser approaches embodying the Great Approaches by individual avataric members of the human family. The first Great Approach occurred in Lemurian times and resulted in the individualisation of animal man, the birth of the fourth kingdom in nature and the appearance of the human soul. It was literally the arrival of Light.5 e second Great Approach occurred when humanity had grown through the ages in sensitivity and intelligence. It was the approach of the spiritual Hierarchy to Humanity and made them aware of the path to God, the path of initiation. God had hitherto been a purely transcendent and unapproachable reality, but now God became immanent and the path of sacrifice could be walked by advanced humanity via the Christ or soul principle residing at the core of our own natures. The Buddha was an embodiment or expression of the first approach and the Christ an embodiment of the second. The second Great Approach will be consummated in humanity with the Reappearance of the Christ and the Externalisation of the Hierarchy.

The third Great Approach already has its beginnings with the coming into relationship of the energy of Shamballa with Humanity. In the early stages the new approach is not recognised for what it is—“the will of God in new and potent livingness”. It has effects, but these are largely unconscious. As humanity develops responsiveness to this new energy it is able to begin conscious cooperation with it through the science of invocation. That invocation is beginning to occur in two ways—through the largely unconscious call to freedom from the masses of humanity and the concerted invocative appeal by the New Group of World Servers.

Just as the first two approaches have their outer representative embodiments, so too will the third approach. We await a coming avatar who will embody in himself the principles not only of Light and Love (although developed in lesser degree to his predecessors the Buddha and the Christ) but also the energy of Power. He will thus synthesise the three great qualities of deity and make possible the revelation of that which lies behind their expression.

Coincident with the coming of this avatar will be the founding of the Temple of Power upon the physical plane, which will make possible the restoration of the mysteries and the taking of the First Initiation as a recognised outer event within the human family. Already two temples exist—a Temple of Light upon the mental plane presided over by the Buddha, and a Temple of Love on the astral plane presided over by the Christ. (WWW, p. 133-134).


At the Third Degree the lower three vehicles are fully integrated and come under synthetic control of the buddhic plane and the ashram. This is why the development of the New Group of World Servers is so important to the Externalisation process for they collectively serve as the outer expression of the body of Christ controlled by the planetary etheric. The Return of the Christ is a ‘demonstration’ of his capacity to control the three worlds—not of his own vehicles but of the planet as a whole! Earth’s civilisation will become the body of Christ, integrated with and directed by Christed energies flowing through the planetary etheric.

The three Temples on the mental, astral and physical planes are in effect ‘solarised’ centres within the planetary personality. All those whose minds are under soul control are part of the Temple of Light. All those whose hearts are open and ‘Christed’ are part of the Temple of Love. What remains is for the demonstration of this Light and Love upon the physical plane through the inauguration of the Temple of Power. This outer Temple is in effect the ‘seed’ of the coming Seventh Ray Aquarian civilisation where the wine (Life more abundant) and the bread (economics) will be shared according to the dictates of the planetary soul. When these Temples are operating synthetically we will have the acquiescence of the planetary personality (polarised in the emotional body) to the planetary soul. (AWF, p. 169-170)


Earth will become a ‘powerhouse’ within the solar systemic life as the units of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy of human souls are released more rapidly and in greater numbers. Their radiation will eventually energise the whole system as the Solar Logos takes the Third cosmic Initiation. (M, p.81)


The lesser process can be accelerated by thegreater; just as the soul has aided in the process of individualisation, so the monad can aid in the processof initiation. The mechanics of this aid are delivered via the higher antahkarana. The Will force of the monad is transmitted via the jewel in the lotus, resulting in the more rapid unfoldment of the petals and thus the taking of initiation by the man in incarnation. If the lower antahkarana is also built, then the conscious inflow of monadic energy along the sutratma to the heart centre can take place. It is this inflow which can make a man a powerhouse for the Will force upon the physical plane and a distributor of “Life more abundant”.31 The movement of energy along the antahkarana is always a two-way process, and the result of inflow of monadic energy into the jewel will be a gradual abstraction of the consciousness of the disciple into the triadal worlds. The best analogy for the operation of the higher antahkarana would be the electric fire of lightning. (M, p. 136)