The Mystery of Polarity and the Truth About Sex - Sharon Lyon

It feels like it’s time to get serious, even ‘sirius’ about sex and its relationship to the path.

Here is some of research and a few quotes to kick off a subject and an area that I’d love to dive more deeply into with anyone drawn to it and even called?

There’s a lot of sling off’s, judgments and superficial regard given to sex, with many considering this a no go area in terms of spirituality and the path.

To come out and say, especially earlier, that sex is intrinsic to one’s path, takes courage. Thankfully witch burnings and hanging for treason if you question the flat earth theory, are a thing of the past.

You’re more likely these days to simply get a veiled or not so veiled mention in a blog or Facebook page.

In all its dimensions, sex is just about THE most important facet of our entire journey.

Keeping it behind closed doors and in the ‘dark’, so to speak, feels indicative of simply where we are at or have been, in terms of the of our unconscious drives in the whole sexual arena.

So, just for a moment and in the light – Let’s talk about Sex.

Firstly …if it wasn’t for sex, NONE of us would be here.

Right there IS the most basic pointer to its importance in the overall scheme of things. It’s at the root of, not just to the mystery of our Existence, but The Mystery of Existence It-Self.

Exploring the link between Sex and Super-consciousness is definitely ‘where it’s at.’

In terms of my own experience, at the age of 22 a spontaneous kundalini activation while I was in the Himalayas, accompanied full body orgasmic bliss in every cell.

How I described it then and since is in terms of pure ecstasy several thousand times the potency of the physical sexual orgasm.

Seriously I didn’t know whether I could ‘ever’ have or want sex again.

More to the point, I knew then beyond a shadow of doubt, that this experience was contactable ‘in the body’ and my search began for ‘some-one’ who could tell me or help me find out what in fact had ‘happened’ to me?  Soon after I wrote to the Lucis Trust in London and was directed to the AA B’s blue books! ‘A Treatise on Cosmic Fire’ was my first bite at the pie.

In terms of the ‘consciousness’ aspect of my experience, the description of Samadhi described by yogi’s of timelessness, infinite love and complete mergence with GOD or the Divine, completes the picture.

In the midst of the ocean of loving bliss, there was still the “I” conscious of the drop AND the Ocean.

Physical sex and in particular “orgasm’, is the ‘taste’ of the experience of ‘mergence’ with the Super-conscious Life. Sexuality is often the first real experience of mergence with ‘another’ since we were in our mother’s womb.

Unless we view the sexual drive as a step towards ‘union with the One,’ we’re missing something profound and beautiful.

“The journey into sex exists because of the Divine.’

“Sex has not only lost its sacredness but also its scientific understanding, simplicity, naturalness and ‘place’ in the overall scheme of things.”  Without a more ‘universal’ perspective, we don’t get the real power of the sexual experience as a pointer to the heights and depth of the mysteries.

Sometimes ‘unconscious sex’ is about ‘not feeling’ the underlying pain of day-to-day existence. A touch of ‘mergence’ or the promise of ‘union’ alleviates some of the feelings of separation that come with physical incarnation. As a panacea for feeling disconnected from source, it’s easy to see how it can be like a drug.

Sometimes engagement sexually happens at times when we aren’t feeling ‘whole’ or connected.  Connection is what we are looking for, but to what?

Finite self to finite self is designed to disappoint, or we’d never go looking for the infinite Self.

“Sex holds for us the TASTE of real mergence back to SOURCE. The deeper meaning explains the INTENSITY of the experience and the fact that we want it and can’t resist it.”

Another way to describe ‘conscious sex’ is the experience of conscious mergence with the One.

“If the brief merger of two people gives such momentary bliss, ask yourself what must be possible in the eternal merger.”

Transcending the Pairs of Opposites

Transcending the pairs of opposites uses the process of sex in its highest and lowest forms to produce fusion.

Integrating and transcending the pairs opposites is the work of the Soul and very much a part of the spiritual quest. You and me, his and her, this and that, light and dark, masculine and feminine, likes and dislikes, all make up the dual realm of the personality life.

To transcend duality, sex is involved.

Personality relating or personal love or sex, projects one gender as ‘missing’ and outside of one-self and then sets up a whole story to go ‘find it’ and ‘marry it’ or integrate it somehow. At this level and stage it’s appropriate, but widen the view and you have mysteries upon mysteries to discover.

Instead of the question, is he the one or is she the one, the journey becomes to tantrically at-one all the fragments of Self and to actually ‘be the One.’

Inner Sacred Union

By looking at outer relationships and the sexual process, we get directional pointers to the inner sacred marriage journey.

When it comes to the path of inner ‘sacred union’ we have the same steps as we see in outer relationships.  First we have the pairs of opposites, in this case our ‘inner’ masculine and feminine.

Tension between poles initially heightens awareness and creates potential. Potential expresses as procreativity, creativity or ‘new creation’ at various levels and stages.

The first step in any relational process is ‘getting to know one another’, then marriage, followed by consummation and soon after by a birth.

No marriage ceremony is complete or even recognized, without consummated ‘sexual’ union.

For the inner marriage process poles are first differentiated. Remembering that ‘synthesis differentiates,’ the closer the poles ‘come together’, the more they may actually be seen to differ. In that way the creative arc or magnetic or electrical current or charge between the poles, ‘comes together.’

When the integration is complete, duality is overcome and polarity is understood, the marriage process is complete and what awaits is ‘consummation’ by fire.

Consummation in this instance is achieved through ‘fire.’ Two fires meet to create a third. We are what cannot be burned. We are Living Fire. ‘Fire’ is a whole investigation on its own and at the core is what a Treatise on Cosmic Fire is all about.

At a marriage ceremony there are three participants. For the resolution of any duality, there is always a third mediating principle. For the inner marriage process, the Soul can be likened to the celebrant at a wedding.

At the level of Soul, a self realized “child’ is birthed from the fusion of our inner masculine and feminine.  The ‘child’ of the union is an undifferentiated synthesis of both poles. The third point that emerges is in itself, a unique and dynamic Life force.

Here we know ourselves as the ‘Son,’ but this ‘child’ realizes itself as also the mother and the father as well as the son. This is the archetypal ‘Holy Trinity’ in complete communion and identification with the central ‘I’ at the heart of the ‘triangle.’

I am that and that AM I.

This is the journey’s beginning and its end. The Alpha and the Omega.

Finding this central ‘I’ is at the center of all our endeavors, no matter how you choose to express it.

Once lesser identity is surrendered, one ‘dies’ to truly ‘Live.’

Resurrection is in-deed a ‘conscious birth’ into the undifferentiated Life of the One Self.

The measure of the ‘inner marriage’ process is seen in the measure of our experienced Identification with that One Life.

In the ‘holy of holies’ the sacrament of the bridal chamber, is where participants ‘put on the light’ or ‘chrism’ and return to oneness.

The ‘urge to merge’ that we experience so powerfully through sexuality, is a central driving force in every aspect of ‘The Path’ as we seek to merge with the ONE.

“Man discovers that sex (which has been a purely physical function) is elevated into its rightful plane as the divine marriage, carried out and consummated upon the levels of soul awareness.” (EA 385)

Shamballa: The Supreme Center ~ The Pure Land

Contact with our True Center is likened to contact with an electrical or magnetic current.

We have two ‘joined’ poles, an alternating current and a unified field.

It is said that if we explored the mystery of electricity, we would find the mystery of existence right alongside it.

On all levels and planes of existence, the process of magnetic interplay or the ‘attractive quality of sex’ leads differentiated poles towards essential union and to the Center.

Shamballa is the prototypic Holy Land, the primordial Center known under various names such as ‘White Isle’ “White mountain’ ‘Zion” ….its symbol is the “Tree of Life’ at the center of the Terrestrial Paradise. Shamballa is the ‘Sacred Central Place’ or ‘Heart’ of this self-organising universal system,

Sex on a Grand Scale

The higher correspondences of sex form part of the ‘Grand Adventure’ of which outer relationships, physical sex and birth, are but reflections.

In the physical sexual act we have the reflection of higher planetary, solar systemic and galactic inter-play. As above, so below.

Life, or Brahma, is constantly recreating a state of tension between primary forces or polarities, while the purity of the unified underlying state is preserved.

On a universal level two poles ‘create’ the creative tension required to manifest worlds and even the entire cosmos. The process is the same.

“The Yin engenders the Yang and the Yang engenders the Yin, continuously and without interruption like the pulses in and out of time like a magnetic coil to produce electricity.”

In a Holographic Universe we are participating in the splendid ‘dance of polarity’ and at the same time we are the Unified Field that hosts the dance.

Where does Heaven come into all this?

Perfect or Divine Equilibrium is found at the Center Point and anchored in the Heart which is in effect a doorway or entrance to the Higher Way. It is here where the ‘activity’ of heaven is directly manifest.

“As duality is transcended and polarity understood, conflict ends and the solar and higher mysteries begin.” (Symbolism of the Cross p42)

Finally reconciliation of our dual nature allows access through the pillars of temple, of the Sun-Door and on through the gates of heaven.

A return to ‘Eden’ is simultaneous with the movement away from the “Tree of Good and Evil” which represents life in the dual realm. From one vantage point it is not until all dualities have been resolved, that we truly enter into ‘Life.’ This movement is symbolized by the “Tree of Life’ in the garden, the pre-genesis or primordial state. We are the Tree of the Kabalistic Tradition.

With the inner battle over, peace begins. The Peace which ‘passeth understanding’ is not attained through the mind, it is a condition of the Kingdom and known and felt in the heart.

“When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female…then you will enter ‘the kingdom.”  Gospel of Thomas

“In the secret chamber of the heart is the contact place of the individual with the universal. Here the vital spirit (Brahma) dwells. It is here that the dawning realization that All are One, finds its True Home.”

Whether symbolically seen as a rose or a Supra-individual, a Divine Principle ‘resides’ there.

Our work is to transcend and include all poles and find our way to this center, to this ‘Sacred Place.’

At the Heart of all systems, from the individual to the universal, this Sacred Center exists. On all planes of existence Life breathes in and out from this Central Point. All traditions and all Sacred Symbols ultimately point The Way to IT.

“The Central Primordial Heaven is ‘wholly independent of space.’ Unlocalised, this Center Point re-unites Creator and Created in indivisible union.”

Jesus words, “ I and the Father are ONE,’ expresses this ‘realised union.’

What’s Love Got to do with It?

Love is that powerful attractive ‘force’ that draws and calls each ‘unit’ back to the Center. The center, whether the core of ones being or the heart of a universe, is one and the same thing.

Love calls us to greater and greater union whether in our daily life or in greater cosmic cycles.

“The Center of the Cosmic Body … of which our solar logos is the embodied force, is the heart center…The sacred planets, with certain allied etheric spheres are part of the that Heart center and are petals in the lotus, or the heart center of that Great Unknown Existence.”

In our hearts and at the center of star clusters, the evolution or journey of love is being written. Our Omega is Love’s source.

The Great Cosmic Magnet draws everything back to Itself, back to that mysterious Center, through the attractive magnetic ‘Power of Love.’

As an agent of Christ (Love) we go beyond relating at either end of ‘any’ dual spectrum.

Below are a series of quotes that may stimulate inquiry along the theme of Sex and Polarity in a number of directions for you. They have certainly been a source of intrigue and wonder as well as great teachers and pointers on my way.

“The Drama of creation and the story of revelation are depicted for us, if we could truly see and interpret our facts with spiritual exactitude, in the relation of the two sexes and in the fact of their intercourse with each other. When this relation is no longer purely physical but is a union of the two separated halves on all three planes, physical, emotional and mental, then we shall see the solution to the sex problem and the restitution of the marriage relation to its intended position in the Mind of God …when this is indeed found, then you have a true union, a real marriage and a blending of the two in one.”

“At-one-ment with the Soul is an individual interior experience, resulting in an expansion of consciousness so that the individual and specific becomes at-one with the general and universal.”

Planetary, Solar and Cosmic Sex

“A Heavenly Man, through the form of a planetary chain, similarly revolves upon His axis, and a like phenomenon maybe observed. A planet repulses a planet similarly charged. A negative planet will be attracted by a positive, and so on through all forms. This is the manifestation of Sex in substance of every kind. From the tiny atoms in the body to the vast planetary chains, this is the basis of activity. Radiatory activity is simply the interplay between males and female as seen in the physical atom of the scientist, among men and women, and in the vaster atom of a solar system as it vibrates with its cosmic opposite.” (TCF)

“The Solar Logos is in the process of ascertaining His place within the greater system in which He holds a place analogous to that of the Heavenly Man in a solar system. He seeks first to find the secret of His own existence, and to achieve full Self Consciousness: secondly to ascertain the position and place of His polar opposite; thirdly, to merge and blend with that polar opposite. This is the cosmic marriage of the Logos.” (TCF 258)

“A series of vibrations which will become more potent as our Solar Logos nears that period which we call “Divine Maturity,” which emanate from that constellation in the Heavens which embodies His polar opposite. This is a deep mystery and concerns the marriage of the Logos.

“The cosmic marriage, or the merging of our Solar system with its opposite cosmic pole, another constellation…is the cause of occasional irregular flaring up or intensification of suns and their increased luminosity which is sometimes seen, and which has frequently been the subject of discussion.” (TCF 169)

“Much can be said or researched about our earth and our planetary logos and his stage of consciously seeking at-one-ment with his polar opposite (Venus)…another Planetary Logos.”   (IHS 173)

*** Not all quotes have their source tabulated. Much of this writing has been inspired and gathered over an extended period and been drawn from a variety of sources.