Truly Living - Bruce Lyon

What does it mean to truly live?

Sometimes when people talk about truly LIVING in capital letters they mean a full on vibrant personality life – good food, great people, adventure, wonderful sexuality, beautiful locations, music and art – the key note is enjoyment and appreciation.

Other times the reference is more to the life of the soul – being fully expressed, living one’s life purpose, loving deeply and fully, creativity, expanding consciousness, generating beauty – the key note is contribution and expression.

But then it also is used for the spiritual life, the releasing of all doing, all knowing and surrendering deeply into Being, dying to our lesser identities and awakening as the one universal principle permeating everything, timeless, infinite – the keynote here is release into pure presence.

Often these types of ‘living’ are set in contrast to each other as if we were only able to choose one at a time – and sometimes while we are learning this is our experience – there are choices and doorways which teach us to change our emphasis and learn the whole scale of what it means to be alive from the most dense to the most subtle levels of manifestation. But there are also times when it is not about preferencing one over the other but choosing all three together so that the full chord of our LIFE sounds out.

The harvest of the personality life is happiness, the harvest of the soul life is joy and the harvest of the spiritual life is bliss. At such a feast the whole of creation celebrates.