Synthesis and Sacred Union: Part 1 - Bruce Lyon

As I move into the third phase of my life through the second Saturn return I am pausing to consider what the main themes have been and how they are bearing a fruit of synthesis in this third phase. I am also considering the 13 year journey since Kailas and the founding of Shamballa School and allowing the journey to reveal its essence through what has been experienced as much as what was intended. The exploration is in three expressions – the personal journey, the soul journey and the universal journey or monadic perspective. These three are One and yet each must uniquely express in order for the fourth quality, the fragance of divine presence to emerge.

Part 1: The personal Journey

I could start anywhere but I am going to choose the age of 33 where it is said you first open to the vision of your life purpose in its totality. Twenty four years ago I founded the One Life Centre - its image a lion holding a lightning bolt – and the clear sense of my work was to anchor myself in the life principle and ground it fully on earth. I worked on a number of subsequent centres including Highden, each time the idea being to hold a universal principle through consciousness in physical manifestation. These days I see the centre as the core of the earth and the whole globe as the expression of that manifestation of the life principle – and myself as part of a huge soul group whose work it is to do the anchoring . I have in front of me a copy of the flyer for my first ever workshop 24 years ago – it is called ‘A Time For Heroes’ and the image is a circle with a cross and a heart emerging from the centre. On the horizontal arms of the cross are a sword and a chalice. On the vertical there is a dragon and a dove. Not much has changed except the scale.
The One Life is the principle at the centre of all crosses, the hub of all wheels, cosmic Shamballa, the boundless immutable principle that underlies the manifest and unmanifest alike.

On the vertical duality of spirit/matter my first move, once I freed the soul from mind, was to take the path of ascension, going home to the Father, reaching for the monad, calling down the lightning of heaven on the mountain top. Once that identification was made then I set my sights on the Mother again and the journey was to fully anchor in the body , to ground realization in form and eventually to pass through the body and the core of the earth into the same experience of boundless spirit. And finally to come back to the centre.

On the horizontal duality of individuality and relationship, the great I and We, my journey as a soul has been in the area of relating and specifically with that paradoxical duality of love and freedom. My partner in this journey over the last 12 years has been Sharon and it has been as epic an adventure as the vertical one.

The outer expressions of the vertical adventure were:

1. The field of esotericism/occult meditation resulting in Highden/Shamballa School.
2. The field of tantra and sacred sexuality resulting in the development of ISTA/ Shamballa Tantra

The two outer expressions of the horizontal adventure were the fields of

1. Monogamy in my outer relationship with Sharon where the result was deep trust and love of one other as the face of God/Goddess and the journey into the one great heart.
2. Polyamory as my marriage to myself engaged with others resulting in a deep love and trust of the self – the unique expression of divinity that is me reflected in the mirrors of other expressions of it.

When Sharon and I first got married, 11 years ago today in the rose garden at Highden we created a cross for our selves within an eightpointed star mandala. On the vertical arms were God(dess) and Glory and on the horizontal arms were Love and Freedom. We mounted the cross willingly together and sanctified our marriage to the emergent central point. In effect we made of ourselves a 2 mounted on the 4. Today we have graduated from that cross after the intensity, beauty and difficulty of the trial and are ready in a new way to hold space for others who are making their unique version of this radical journey.

We are also ready to more fully bring into manifestation the archetype of 24 that has guided us on soul levels in this adventure. The journey to Love is over and the journey of Love begins and while we don’t know what form that will take we have some deep hints. Our focus has transcended and yet includes the personal container and rests more fully in the group soul.

I would like to share here for the first time one of the very few personal transmissions I received from the Master Dk – this one addressed to our partnership when we were married in 2002. We read it regularly on the journey particularly at the frequent times of crisis.

Wedding Transmission 4.12.02

"Brother, this morning the transmission is personal considering it is the day of your wedding. Your life as you know, has a strong destiny factor and this union is a part of that destiny. Of course there is free will and of course there is the time when humans can be trusted to freely choose that which has been chosen for them.

There is an archetypal pattern and when aspects of that pattern come together they help to invoke the rest of that pattern in the souls around them. Together you are able to bring this pattern into greater external expression. Just as a group is an entity, so a relationship is also an entity and it is this relationship that I would like to express.

Love is a simple word, much abused to convey the recognized union between two souls upon the buddhic plane. This union derives from the fact, beginning to be realized that at a higher level, on the monadic plane, there is no union but merely identification. The monad does not ‘come together’ with another monad but simply realizes it was never separate.

This ‘union’ between man and woman is an outer expression of the union between human and deva evolutions that occurs on the buddhic plane. Each human soul, being ‘masculine’ ( in the duality of consciousness and form BL ) must take his deva for a wife before being able to ‘marry’. Masculine and feminine here refer to the positive and negative polarities and by their differentiation create a ‘flow’ of current we call ‘fire by friction’, ‘solar fire’ or electric fire’ depending on which plane this polarity expresses itself.

A couple together should be attempting to create and hold a dynamic of maximum polarity within the field of their union. Synthesis does not make forms the same, it DIFFERENTIATES them. The greater the differentiation, the more powerful the underlying union must be in order to sustain the tension between the polarities. This is a science and a science which your relationship can learn, experience and teach. The relationship has a major teaching role about this very dynamic which will unfold as the relationship matures.

The Christ is the Master of angels and men bringing them two by two into right relationship for them to be able to realize their essential non separation in the Father’s house.

It is this relationship between the second plane or monadic and the fourth plane or buddhic which your relationship can work with. These planes are ruled by Virgo and Scorpio respectively. 24 is the number of Shamballa and is a number you might contemplate and familiarize yourself with more deeply. A field of twelve energies that are united with their polar opposites represent the unity of the greater and lesser zodiacs, the egoic lotus and the heart chakras. This union brings the heart of Hierarchy into fusion with the heart of Humanity and all this under the Life principle of Shamballa. Consider this relationship carefully as it forms the archetypal pattern of your destiny together.

Your lives individually have been blessed and this blessing will only deepen as you enter into more conscious relationship with each other. Seek revelation of your purpose together through alignment and invocation and all assistance you require for the manifesting of hierarchical purpose together will be forthcoming.

A word of advice. Let the past go. Enter together consciously into a new life of service. Strive forward towards destiny, letting go all threads of karma. Create a covenant together that has its roots in your eventual identification with the Father. Let this be your touchstone and your anchor drawing you ever deeper into the One Heart, the One Life."
End Transmission

To be fully in our own sovereignty as the I, centred in our own inner marriage as the divine hermaphrodite and yet to be fully open and surrendered to the mystery of the We and the Us is the challenge of right relationship.

At the present in 2013 I find my self returning to the heart in a deep way and resting there. For it is a heart that has journeyed to the heights and depths of the vertical arm as well as the extremes of the horizontal arm of my personal and relational cross. As a Scorpio sun the integration of the spiritual and sexual mysteries have been important to me. As a Capricorn ascendant conjunct venus the soul has to know the mountain top and as a Taurus monad all experience must be fully lived and burned through in the furnace where the personal and universal meet. Soul, identified with the monad , fully embodied and taking its seat in the throne of the heart.

On the timeline of my life I feel the wholeness of a Uranus cycle between my birth and death – 84 years. I am currently entering the third of three Saturn cycles that form the triad of my soul journey and I can sense the 2025 epicentre flowing back towards me as well as the three journeys to Kailas in 2000, 2012 with Sharon and 2024 with a group of 24. The beauty of entering the third phase is that I am also more able to rest, through the point in the centre of each moment, in the eternal.

This relationship with the point, the portal to the eternal and infinite that lies in the heart of each moment and at the centre of each cross seems to me a unique feature of identification with the life principle and defines an important functional role for those in the Shamballa community – more on this in the next paper…….

In the one heart