Synthesis and Sacred Union: Part 3 - Bruce Lyon

Part 3: The monadic journey ……There can be only One

Self –consciousness is a single phenomenon. All souls are one with the Oversoul. There is only one humanity. Shamballa, Hierarchy, and Humanity are one.

At this level we are identified with the earth as a whole – one self aware cosmic being. Eventually as those who work in consciousness seek their cosmic origins they pass through connections of light through (for example) Venus, the sun, Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus and so on back to the centre of the galaxy itself where we can no longer travel in consciousness but must move through the shadows and learn to see in the dark.

Beneath and earlier than self consciousness is biological life and this also is one behind its incredible diversity In the Secret doctrine we are told that self consciousness or the soul arrived after the separation of the sexes in the third round. Before then the biological life formed part of the serpent or dragon energies arriving in the second round. (I make a distinction between these two and include in the dragon energy the life of matter itself). This serpent energy then is one expression of what in the east is called kundalini and we contact initially as our bio-sexual energies, libido, life-force or will-to-live.

Beneath and earlier than biological life is the life of matter shared with all other matter in the universe. Matter is energy and it is a vibrating matrix. The heavy atoms in our bodies were manufactured in the heart of supernovas. Everything arose out of a vast sea of hydrogen atoms . Human consciousness has penetrated now into the depths of matter, through the atom into the quantum world and also through black holes into other universe

These three expressions of life – the life of matter, biological life and self conscious life are eventually realized as one. At first there is a split between self consciousness and the biology – humans try to distance themselves from their biological drives for survival to awaken higher parts of the soul which are motivated by love. Eventually the consciousness penetrates up into and through atma – or the will and purpose aspect of the soul and this is strong enough to balance the will to live in the biological drive and they can be at-oned. This plays out in the polarity and eventual unifying of the spiritual and sexual drives. The yogi and the shaman are one.

After this unification then the highest levels of the cosmic physical plane are penetrated by the consciousness, now fueled and lifted by the first rise of kundalini. Awareness becomes superconscious (called seeing in the dark light of Shamballa) and is able to dissolve and rest in pure Being. This contact with the void adds a vibration to consciousness so that when it is directed back through the senses and the body it awakens anu – the rush light present in the matter of the body itself. This is a deeper level of kundalini which I equate with dragon energy following the Taoist tradition which sees the mountain ranges as the back of the dragon and the core of the earth as its fire.

Once the highest and lowest are bought together through consciousness then the tree of life with its seven branches is unified and the seven kingdoms are able to function as the one life they are. The life of matter is not separate from biological life,, self conscious life or superconscious life. Humans are fully at-one in awareness with the kingdoms of the animal, vegetable and mineral world as well as the fifth kingdom of solar angels, the sixth kingdom of chohans in Shamballa and the seven kingdom where the firemist dissolves into the void which is a doorway onto the cosmic astral.

There is a unique capacity of human consciousness able to centre itself on the mid point of the buddhic plane which is the heart of the system.. It can unify the central column or axis of the system by linking the heights and depths but it can also step back through itself, following the seventh ray. We call this radical awakening because the consciousness is not accessing or awakening to more subtle levels of energy and awareness but it dies to itself as a point in time and space and rests as the infinite or eternal – the one boundless immutable principle that is beyond concept or anything in the manifest or unmanifest universe.

So this is what we ARE – the presence of the infinite and eternal within the finite and the temporal. On the finite side of the street in time and space we would call this the fourth quality – the presence of divinity that lies behind the other manifest attribute qualities of the godhead – will, love and intelligence.

As radical awakening sweeps its way through human consciousness this is what occultism calls the Great Revelation. We are the Avatar. We already arrived. 14 billion years of evolution in time and space providing the building blocks so that we can realize ourselves as the expression of the infinite within the finite. The creator is present in the creation and evolution proceeds in full consciousness.

And the human kingdom is only one expression of that Presence but we are the first that is capable of self realizing it and therefore have our own unique opportunity and challenge within the system.

Earth as a single being is awakening to its sovereignty, its oneness, as the life which permeates all its kingdoms begins to express synthesis. Nothing is separate – from the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, to climate change, to the biodiversity, to human consciousness, to spiritual awakening , the externalization of the hierarchy, to contact with other civilisations, to the impact of solar flares and cosmic rays. All is a living expression of one life. As that life synthesizes and unifies then we, as earth take our self realized place within a cosmic family.

In Occult cosmology it was mentioned that when the consciousness of earth, at-oned with the biological and material life force of the planet is able to penetrate back to its seeded origin through the black hole at the centre of the galaxy then that will be registered as a ‘returning dragon’. The seed of life that was planted here and anchored by the Being who is the Life of Earth and whom we all form part of has served its time buried beneath the soil of Kosmos. It will have germinated and emerged into the light where it can be seen and can begin to play a more conscious part in the life and evolution of the Kosmos. Ultimately this earth planet will bear seeds of its own and seed the life we are in all its manifold expression beyond ourselves.

And so we come to the integration of the monadic perspective with that of the soul and the personal life. 

We find ourselves where we are in the karmic circumstances of our lives in the time and space of our incarnation. At the same time we are aware of ourselves as part of a group soul and a planetary soul which is remembering who we are and trying to fully express our unique contribution that is our life purpose. This time and space is much greater including past and future lives – perhaps our awareness spans many thousands of years and includes other kingdoms and other civilisations.

At the same time we know ourselves to be the one life on a much vaster journey in time and space involving billions of years and the whole universe.

At the same time we rest in our infinite eternal nature that is present in the heart of every atom of time and space.

At the time of the solstices and equinoxes we sit at the centre of our cross somewhere on the physical body of the earth linking the core with the heart of the sun and the centre of the galaxy. We sit in and as the diamond soul of the earth, each of its facets gleaming in the blue white fire of planetary purpose. We sit as the lightning of the one life that flashes through the jewel. We pass through the portal in the centre of the jewel and sit as the one life, eternal , invincible, infinite and free.

We invite others to sit with us in planetary satsang. We don’t just sit, but dance, sing play, make love, never leaving ourselves as the Presence – the divine present unwrapped in time and unveiled in space.