Synthesis and Sacred Union: Part 2 - Bruce Lyon

Part 2: The Soul Journey

We incarnate in groups. We have ashramic affiliations. Once the fusion process between soul and personality begins, our life and relationships heat up as we burn in the fires between the two wheels of our karmic responsibilities and our soul’s destiny. Contact with the monad or life principle accelerates this fusion process and is the fast path that will increasingly be taught in the modern expressions of the mystery schools. The impact of this life principle on earth is what is generating the acceleration in planetary evolution as well as crisis. Those who respond to the life principle are being stimulated and bought into relationship with each other.

Here is an excerpt from Journey to Shamballa Land – a transmission received on a journey to the temple in the Gobi.

"A vivid period of inner teaching followed, the essence of which was the immanent emergence of the spiritual centre we call Shamballa, under whatever name, into the consciousness of Humanity. I was shown that , just as uprising kundalini energy can cause earthquakes and eruptions as the pressure from the core activates faultlines in the earth’s crust, so the descending Shamballa fire also places pressure on the faultline of consciousness in the mental field – religion, philosophy, politics and racial thoughtforms. The energy that is designed to produce liberation can be destructive which is why it is held in reserve until the demand from humanity for the revelation of synthesis is strong enough. When the soul is freed from the mind and returns to its monadic source, it immediately recognizes its universal nature and an energetic quality becomes active I the soul itself via the jewel. This quality, simply because it is universal and simultaneously present in all souls recognizes itself everywhere- and more specifically recognizes through resonance when it is consciously active. Put another way souls that are in conscious touch with the monad, recognize each other. Historically these souls have remained isolated as points of centralizing influence in their different groups and centres of consciousness around the world. Now as the Shamballa centre is emerging and under the Law of Assembly these souls re being drawn together into more conscious contact and forming a centre within humanity able to stand and withstand the Shamballa force. They come from all spiritual traditions and disciplines and their consciously recognized work is to collectively hold this energy as a reservoir and a seed of the will. As Pluto moves through Capricorn and the power structures of the planet come under irresistible pressure to transform, this seed will flower within the human centre as an expression of spiritual governance based on the revelation of the universal life principle."

Being able to hold a point of synthesis in a field where the tension between polarities is intensifying is the mark of the modern initiate. An esotericist is concerned with the battle of light against dark and sides with the light. This is important when trying to reach the buddhic plane because the consciousness needs to go up and not down. From the centre of the buddhic plane then true tantra can occur or the ‘technique of duality’.

The buddhic plane is the centre of any sphere and also the gateway out of it. In Kabbala the six directions from the centre are masculine but the seventh direction that goes inwards and therefore is a doorway out of the sphere itself is feminine. In occultism we would call this the seventh (cosmic) ray and the Lord of this ray is also revealed as feminine. There is a profound connection between the buddhic plane and the seventh ray as the seventh cosmic ray is active on the whole cosmic physical and therefore its very centre is the buddhic plane. This has an outer resonance in the current cycle with 2025 and the re-emergence of the fourth ray – connecting cosmic buddhi with the cosmic physical and the great Revelation of divine presence in the core of every atom.

An individual or couple who are able to hold their identity in the centre of the buddhic plane is therefore able to hold a field for others to come into sacred union – both inside themselves and between themselves as a result of connection to the life principle. Tension between opposites is able to be held long enough to shift them from conflict into harmony. Conflict escalates when there is no centre, when there is competition for the centre or when those holding the centre try to dominate the field. The paradox is that in order to hold a portal or doorway in the centre through which energies of synthesis can flow, then there must be a centre which is not a centre – an empty centre. Empty of identity but full of life. Thus those holding such a centre must know how to surrender their identity to the life principle and thus remain outside of the sphere while at the same time helping to synthesise it. By identifying with this principle they both transcend the sphere and yet fully penetrate it at the same time.

The equinoxes and solstices are the cross which relates the earth to the sun and so they have long been used as temples in time for relating personality to soul. Therefore they represent a symbol that is familiar to the evolution of the second phase work and at the same time are synthetic in that they represent the cardinal cross and so synthesise the cycle of the full moons. They are also a potent symbol for the third phase work because in the era of 2012 we have a unique alignment between the solstices that represent an earth/sun alignment and the galactic centre. It is this alignment between the earth as personality, sol as soul and galactic centre as monad that ushers in the seventh ray age, the temple of power and the modern mystery schools where the soul is augmented by contact with the monad and the acceleration of soul personality fusion achieved.

In considering what is an emergent seventh ray focus for the field of Shamballa School - or more widely for that soul group all over the planet that is resonant with the life principle – I am struck with the potency of planet wide coordinated rituals that allow us to uniquely express the One Life wherever we are and in the manner we resonate with. A true planetary tantra where the polar opposites are bought together in sacred union.

One of those opposites that has been a beautiful tension in the field is a vertical polarity. On the one hand those climbing the mountain emphasise the heights and the monad as they seek to stabilize identification with the life principle in the core of consciousness. Those going down the mountain are seeking to connect with the life principle as it is bubbling up through the form as kundalini and expressing through movement, sexuality and emotion.

Both need each other and invoke each other – too much transcendence without manifestation results in impotence on the physical plane and too much immanence without transcendence can regress consciousness or disintegrate it.

True sacred union balances the Apollonian and Dionysian tendencies and brings them to a deeper synthesis.

Another polarity that DK said was the reason for the failure of occult group work in the second phase, is between the first and second ray tendencies. We might express this as the tension between first person identification with the Godhead and second person revelation of divinity through relationship – the great I and We.

When we are truly in touch with the Life principle as it transcends the whole seven planes we can sit outside all dualities and bring them into sacred union.

The vision I would like to offer, shared, spontaneously emerging also for many others, and already existing :) is for rhythmic planet wide anchoring of the life principle using the cross of the equinoxes and solstices. It is an opportunity for those in touch with the life principle to hold a field for others as well as a way of energizing temple sites, manifesting the new mystery schools, finding a synthetic outer and global focus for our work and unifying the polarities in our own field.

All are then invited to either attend or hold a ritual at these times as part of our work in the world and a contribution to an emergent universal spirituality. The even armed cross is the synthetic symbol with the point at the centre a doorway or portal for the life and not just the soul. This is the difference between our work and most existing ritual done at these times. The normal focus is the link between the earth and the sun, the personality and the soul. We link the core of the earth, the heart of the sun and the centre of the galaxy thus bringing in a deeper focus on the life. Most spiritual centres are solar also in this sense and our work is to help open the solar core to its monadic origin.

In this period the cosmic clock of the earth sun relationship and the galactic centre is aligned. We are not so much celebrating the seasonal change on earth but the alignment between earth sun and galaxy. (Sun, Black, Antahkarana) On the December solstice it is earth, sun, gc. On the June solstice it is sun, earth, gc – this alignment is the same regardless of the different seasons in the north and south of earth and thus by transcending them we unify them.

Because we are following a 26,000 year clock and not an annual one then the two wheels will gradually change. Every 72 years the day on which our alignment takes place will shift one day from the seasonal equinoxes and solstice times.

Bare Bones Formula for a Sacred Union Ritual on the Equinoxes/Solstice

1. Create a circle (really a sphere) with a cross – the esoteric symbol for the earth as well as the base chakra. This can be done simply with four stones or the elements represented in the four directions. Of course there are astrological correspondences on the cardinal cross but a universal approach might be to use the Integral quadrants of inner ( Capricorn ) outer ( Cancer ), I ( Aries ) and We ( Libra ) 
2. Honour the seven directions concluding with the seventh and the centre.
3. Make a conscious alignment between the core of the earth, the heart of the sun and the galactic centre. Humanity, Hierarchy , Shamballa – or getting past names, Activity, Love and Life.
4. Link with other groups around the world.
5. Honour the two primary universal powers – Shiva, Shakti, - Purusha, Pakriti – or more universally the I and the O or the phallus and the yoni, seed and womb.
6. Welcome the union of polarities in the centre. Some of those dualities are – masculine/feminine, mind/body, light/dark, soul/personality, monad/personality, cosmic physical and astral planes and so on. Different groups will focus on different things – some examples, the astrological meditations, politics, relationships and sexuality.
7. Anchor and distribute the energies.


Within the year the four seasonal qualities can be emphasized as follows : Summer solstice – emphasis on the inner and spiritual union. Winter solstice – emphasis on the outer and sexual union. Spring equinox emphasis on individuality and freedom. Autumn equinox emphasis on relationship and love. Each of these polarities should be present in each ritual but the emphasis changes with the seasons and will be balanced by those groups in the northern and southern hemispheres.

Essentially this is the ancient rite of Hieros Gamos (see blog on or sacred union that is at the heart of all temples ancient and modern. Some will want to express it symbolically as an inner yabyum of Shiva and Shakti while others will want to express it in an outer sexual union between partners. Some may be capable of both. All is welcome and will bring a union between the field of work of Shamballa School and Shamballa Tantra.

It will allow us to perform planetary tantra and hold point for the coming together of those souls we share a destiny with.

More on that in part 3