We Are in a World Between Stories - Bruce Lyon

We are in a world between stories. Those of us who are called and who have the opportunity to respond on behalf of the whole are on the great adventure of our times and there is tremendous aid available from the synergistic evolutionary currents. The new story, the aquarian community, the life which calls us- is not known and will not arise from new concepts or models to follow. It is a living revelation written on the hearts and minds and bodies of those willing to offer themselves to its emergence. It seeds and sprouts from inside us but also from the love, eros and purpose that arises between us. There is the pre-requisite of personal sovereignty, self responsibility and the nourishing of the unique gifts in each but it is essentially a revelation of integration and wholeness that includes all life. "All civilisations are created and destroyed from a state of ecstasy” says Peter Kingsley and so we offer ourselves to the ecstatic current and come together in dedicated divine play trusting that the eternal mystery will pour through us and embody itself in the patterns and processes that meet the needs of our planetary life. And initiate us together into the love and freedom we essentially are.

Bruce Lyon