What I Have Learned from my Travels as a Soul - Bruce Lyon

First the soul realises its freedom from its identifications with the sheaths it is embedded in - mind, emotions and body. This freedom is a process of detachment and dis-identification and it is known as the Path of Discipleship. Then comes the achievement of union within consciousness itself between subject and object, light and its reflection. This is the marriage of the sun and the moon, the mystical union on the buddhic plane. The result of this marriage is the spiritual birth or really revelation of the monad at the central point of the soul. The soul is opened through this revelation to deeper and deeper levels of consciousness, is able to contact and then wield more potent subtle energies and grows in working nurseries or ashrams until it is consciously part of the one great ashram. This is the Path of Initiation.

Now the initiated soul, awake to its own nature can begin its work of identification and penetration of and by its true parents - Spirit and Matter, Father and Mother in their Absolute sense as Purusha and Prakriti, rather than via a stepping down process. The soul is introduced through contact with spiritual 'masters' to the energy of Shamballa - the Life-Force. Masters are souls who have themselves established stable contact with the Shamballa energy and can transmit it to awakening souls. Eventually the 'middle man' is eliminated and the individual soul has its own direct access. This access penetrates and opens the soul, resulting in initiation, but identification is something different. The soul begins to increasingly experience itself 'as' the entering energy rather than as that which is being entered. This is identification. The soul is able to be itself – soul-realised – but also the whole, the One Life - Self-realisation.

The dark light of spirit permeates the light of the soul and this Self-realisation brings potency to the soul so that when it gazes on its lower identity, the personal self, it is able to penetrate it to the core thus releasing the latent energy of matter. The 'externalisation' process requires a simultaneous identification with both the heights and the depths. Spiritual 'masters' may be guides to the Life-Force that underlies consciousness but the earth itself and our bodies are the guides to the Life-Force that underlies and penetrates matter. When the soul contacts and begins to identify with the monad, there is also a process that occurs in the body - a descent to and through the layers of sentient life – the mental, emotional, sexual, psychic, etheric and physical sheaths. These are both transcended (through contact with spirit) and penetrated at the same time to reveal the underlying unity of both spirit and matter - the non-dual realm. The Life inherent in the body becomes the guide for the descent. As the soul learns from an advanced soul (master) – the body learns from deep connection to and eventual identification with the greater body of the earth itself. This connection often takes the form of a sacred relationship to one piece of the earth - sacred land - and increased sensitivity to the body of the earth itself as a living sentient being. Just as the soul rises through connection with a master soul to its origin as spirit, so it falls in and through its connection to a piece of sacred earth temple to the core of the planet to unlock the mysteries held there.

In esoteric tradition it is said that the soul takes the name of the Father as a reminder of our identity as spirit. This has been necessary because of a too close identification with the Mother and the matter of the sheaths - i.e. we have confused ourselves with our bodies. However the free soul, awake on the buddhic plane, is able to simultaneously identify with both parents, with spirit and matter, while also retaining its sense of itself as differentiated from them. This trinity is possible because each component of the trinity is essentially rooted in the self-same Reality - the Presence of That which permeates, transcends and IS the substance of, spirit, matter and soul alike.

The outer expression of the trinity is the three cosmic centres of earth, sun and galactic centre. When the solar self can penetrate and be penetrated by the centre of the galaxy and the centre of the earth simultaneously then it begins its final burning. The soul is identified with both parents. It IS the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, the Great Sacrifice who, under the Law of Freedom willingly chose to imprison himself in the sphere of the earth so that all beings here could partake of his Life. And it IS the Mother of the World, the very body (bodies) of the earth itself, nourishing, sustaining and greening all things with the rising sap of kundalini. And it IS the soul itself, the sun/moon of consciousness bringing the light of awareness, the great magnet of love sourced in the identity of spirit and embodied in the glory of matter.

The soul can sit at the centre of the earth, which like all centres is the centre of all centres and know itself as Father, Mother and Child. It is the One Life itself, eternal, unborn, transcendent to the universe; AND a uniquely self-aware soul in the ocean of consciousness with its own history, destiny and affiliations; AND it is the body of the universe itself, thrilling and swirling with dancing forms and teeming with life.

The soul, as it burns up its own nature by allowing the Life-Force to move through it in both directions, supernovas and releases both its substance and its essence to form the atoms of new bodies and the spirit of new galaxies. Cosmologically, the soul as a star bridges the core of the earth with the core of the galaxy. The galactic core experiences the rising of the Life-Force of a planet - a returning dragon, a rising Lucifer. The core of the planet experiences a rejuvenation, a fresh impulse and a recharge of its essential Life - the arrival of the avatar or the coming of the cosmic cavalry.

The human soul itself becomes a council for all beings - a place where they meet and harmonise and know each other. An awake soul can identify with/speak for/transmit the descending currents, bring in the cosmic lightning from the dark centre where the mysterious unknowable beat of eternity is entering creation. An awake soul can identify with/speak for/ transmit the inarticulate cry of the earth itself, its struggling rainforest and oceans, the species going extinct, the hot molten throbbing core of this cosmic adventurer. As awake souls we are the earth, and we can only make that identification with love when we know we are also that which transcends her, beats through her and shines down upon her. We are life itself. We are love. We Matter.

A meditation for synthesis of the three levels

Rest as the soul. Identify as light, love and power.

Consciously unify the subject and object of awareness bringing about the marriage of sun and moon. A simple way to do this is to make the subject - your sense of self - the object of your inner gaze thus collapsing the duality. To help facilitate this you may want to connect with a particular master or soul who can support your realisation.

 Be open to be penetrated by the dark light (light cannot enter a black hole, the soul cannot contact the monad - this darkness is the source of light not another object to be illuminated).

When the current of dark, of pure being from the galactic centre or the monad enters, rest in it and as it.

After (no)time resting in being, self-awareness as soul will naturally arise. Now direct the soul's awareness towards the core of the earth, passing through your own bodies on the way. To facilitate this you may want to focus on a particular spot on the earth which you have experienced or are focused on as sacred land.

When you enter the core, let your identification rest as the earth itself. This is your body. All forms are yours. Vitalise them with loving awareness and presence. Release and recycle forms that no longer serve the life-force and send the sap of your spirit into fresh growth that serves the whole.

Now rest again as the soul shining into and through matter and receiving the vitalising rejuvenating force in return. Feel the power of spirit, the dark light at your core strengthening your capacity to shine. Now make a conscious 'atonement' of these two essential energies - the purpose held in Shamballa with the Will or life-force held as a reservoir in matter. Father and Mother are one in me.

Finally hold an awareness of this trinity of centres represented by the galactic centre, the centre of the earth and the centre of the sun (or the Sirian system) - the monad, the soul and the personality. Enter the eye of this triangle and rest as the fourth quality, the Presence of Divinity behind its threefold manifestation.

Bruce Lyon