Remember Why You Came Here - Jon Darrall-Rew

There comes a time for us all when we see that a deeper step than ‘having a purpose’ is coming to know that we are purpose. 
As the tides of my soul and personality’s battle die down in the inevitability of mutual surrender and love, 
A deeper movement starts to stir, like a fountain pouring through the core of my soul and tingling in the flex of my muscles. 
A voice within, ancient yet young – a youth of endless summers – starts to whisper,
I no longer have a purpose. I am purpose. 
My purpose is simple: To be what I am. 
I am power. 
I am the lightning of Presence arriving as unconditional empowerment to all in my field, 
I am the infinity of God’s ecstatic Heart relishing its own strength. 
I am the exhilaration of knowing that every step that brought me here – every moment of joy, loss, suffering, love, trauma and seeking – was right. 
And the Goddess is with me. 
I feel her as tongues of flame licking my soul and burning it clean. 
I feel her as the soft reeds of grass stroking my lion paws as I stride through the open plains of the African night. 
I feel her as the fertile black soil of love into which I ground this staff of Presence. 
And it feels good.