Heart Fire - James Marshall

Heart-Fire is unveiled in the midst of irreconcilability - when the mind is presented with something it truly cannot work out.

This can at first feel kind of helpless in the sense of being defeated or having failed, but this is just the beginning.

If one can stay inside the irreconcilability for long enough, an internal friction is created which burns straight down.

The oppositions work against each other and, in doing so, break "through" their containing pattern or structure.

In this breaking through and down, a passage opens up between mind and heart.

Several events may then take place:

- The heart leads first; the mind starts to serve only.

- With the protections of the heart being broken, Heart-Fire flows through and out of the body.

- The Heart-Fire has a clearing, engulfing effect; it paves way for a baptism of the entire body-mind.

- Through this baptism, the reorientation shifts from self-interest/absorption to Love and Service.

- The individual begins to work in the world with true unconditionality. "Unconditionality" is no longer a mind-construct; it is the anchor of the individual's Life.

- The Heart-Fire expands through giving; it engulfs everything continuously and the true nature of Sacrifice is revealed.

- The path of Ecstasy begins: Each act of giving, each act of casting away distractions and gainful positions, fills the body up with an ecstasy that is ineffable and invaluable.

- The individual continues to give. He or she continues to make change-efforts in the world *even if* everything fails. The fire-ecstasy is the only reward needed.

These stages of unfoldment make the individual a source of love-anchored-power in the world.

And as I have said before, this is what is needed if we stand a chance at making required changes on the global level.