Giving Consent to the Lightning - James Marshall

I have turned it all over
Emptied my pockets
Pulled out my heart
From the inside
Given up 
Every possible future
And dispelled
All ideas borne 
Out of false hope.

All I have left
Is the subtle burning
Inside my body
That somehow
I have come to trust
More than any 
Of the thoughts
In my mind.

To the outside world
I may look as if
I am losing everything.
To them I say:
It was once a choice
And now I cannot stop it.
I have come to be friends
With the fire inside
And I cannot settle for less.

Hand me all the money 
In the world
Reveal to me
The most perfect relationship
Take me on a worldwide tour 
Nothing could ever compare
To what I now feel inside.

Only through meeting this force
I have come to understand 
The meaning of sacrifice.
With each part of me I hand over
The stronger the flames burn
And the more Life I feel surging
Through my human skin.

One more time I will walk
To the top of the mountain
And with my body bruised and beaten 
I will stand up high and give my consent:
Enter me
Bring the lightning down
Open the fire in me wider
Spread it to the edges of the world 
And clear me out
So I may be of even more service.