The Fire of Ecstacy - James Marshall

When this energy
Rips through 
My body
All I want to do
Is take everything off
Drop down 
To the floor
Raise my head 
To the sky
And roar.

I've tried 
To do so many things
And walk so many paths
Over so many lifetimes
And nothing
To having 
This lightning
Strike me so entirely
Everything is both 
Taken away
And given in return.

Every time
It comes
I walk out
The other side
With bloodied 
On my back
And I still want more.

It is like a wild frenzy
Of Love
That overcomes
The faculties
And immediately
Every single concern
In the fire of ecstasy.

Once again
I call you down:
Enter me
Strike down
Strip me back
Take me in your wildness
And lift my hands
From the steering wheel
I have so naively
Tried to control.